APC International Secretariat Recommend Northern Nigeria To Immortalize Hajiya Fati Koko

By All Progressives Congress USA

APC International Secretariat joins Diaspora Nigerians and Nigerians to mourns Hajiya Fati Koko, popularly called Maitalla Tara, passed away at 95 years. The secretariat was shocked soon as the news came to its notice.

In recognition of her goodwill, the secretariat is calling for her immediate recognition, for having offered her best gift to an individual with impeccable character, APC Presidential Aspirant.

Many solidarity actions and reactions were exhibited before and when Muhammadu Buhari won the poll, people walked longest distances, while others rode bikes, donkeys, etc. In grand style Hajiya Fati Koko ran after the President's convoy, smartly enough APC Presidential Aspirant Muhammadu Buhari noticed her running after him, ordered abrupt stop. He gave her listenership, where she donated N1M of her hard earned savings to Presidential Aspirant Muhammadu Buhari as a result of his steadfastness, perseverance, honesty, discipline, and stand for truth and nothing but the truth.

Her kind gesture is the best ever charity demonstrations witnessed in Nigerian soil, never in any way are comparable to the mismatch and misappropriation of resources by a privileged few. No wonder self-centered, without remorse, never thought wisely to give back to the people and the communities they once lived in and served. They selfishly, opted to entomb money in farms, pit toilets, suck away, ceilings, bathrooms, foundations, cascades, cemeteries, vehicles, private and foreign accounts.

APC International Secretariat is calling on Northern Nigeria to immortalize Hajiya Fati Koko, popularly called Maitalla Tara, by so doing, others can emulate her exemplary leadership and power of free giving. Furthermore, the secretariat resolved to honor and award Kebbi State Government on behalf Hajiya Fati Koko and family at the upcoming 1st APC Diaspora Convention and Investors Summit, May 12th – 14th 2016 at Kansas City, Missouri.

The secretariat commensurate with President Muhammadu Buhari, sympathize with the governor, people of Kebbi State and Northern Nigeria for; Hajiya Fati Koko for a life well lived!

On behalf of APC International Secretariat, take her death in good faith, may Allah grant her soul repose in Al-jannah.

Francis John
APC International Secretariat
E. [email protected]
T. +1.816.359.8527