Watch-Out! 4 Guaranteed Reasons Why A Hotel Will Evict You


Lodging in an exquisite hotel and paying thousands of naira does not give you the opportunity to be carefree and dramatic. You can still be thrown out or embarrassed at the hotel. These hotels may not explicitly disclose their code of conduct but they expect their customers to be well-behaved and courteous. It will be a horrible experience and slap on the face if you unceremoniously vacate the hotel you paid for with your sweat because you are guaranteed not to get any refund. To prevent this kind of embarrassing incident,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal reveal 4 reasons you may be asked to leave your hotel.

Not settling your bills
For you to stay in a hotel , you have to pay for the number of days you are staying. After that initial payment, if you refuse to settle other accumulated bills, you will both be embarrassed and prevented from leaving. In fact, you may be asked to perform some chores like washing plates, or other menial jobs that corresponds with your bills. If the situation is beyond control, you will be handed over to the police. Afterwards, you may be allowed to leave but any booking that carries your name will never be honoured.

Breastfeeding your baby at the reception
Many may not consider this a problem but some hotels take exception to breastfeeding babies at the full glare of other hotel guests. To say the least, you are expected to feed your baby in your room or express breastmilk in a feeding bottle for later use rather than making others uncomfortable while tending to your baby. This may get you expelled from your hotel especially when it is a habitual practice.

Swimming without paying
Some people forget that they are in a hotel and not their home and so they act in an unruly fashion. Such kind of carefree attitude may not be endorsed by a hotel. For example, swimming in a hotel pool is usually not free. You have to pay. If you confidently undress yourself and enter into the pool without making enquiries, do not be shocked if you are asked to vacate the hotel.

Drunken Master
Even though hotels offer 24 hours services, it does not give you the right to arrive anytime you want every day of the week reeking of alcohol and creating a scene. If you always drink yourself to stupor that you cannot find your way to your room, you are calling to be dislodged from your hotel.

Nuisance to other guests
Being a nuisance to other guests can put you at odds with the management of the hotel because of the unending complaint they receive about you almost on a daily basis. To stop you from making them uncomfortable, you may be asked to leave by the hotel management.