Global CEO of engineering and consulting firm Aurecon, Giam Swiegers has announced several key appointments:

By Jeff Isaacson


  1. Chair of Good Design Australia Maureen Thurston has been appointed as its Global Design to Innovate Director
  2. Andrew Muller has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer
  3. Michael  Shirley has been appointed as Managing Director

These appointments are key to Aurecon’s strategy to strengthen its operational excellence, client relationships and competitiveness in the global marketplace.


(Full releases attached on each appointment.)


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In addition to the above appointments, your readers may be interested in Aurecon’s soon-to-be released futuristic blog: Just ImagineJust Imaginewill explore the possible, probable and remotely plausible. It will seek to push the boundaries and imagine what might be possible if we challenge the status quo, asking “What if…?” and “Why not…?” across a broad spectrum of leadership and business theories and ideologies, technological innovations and processes.