Use Of Social Media To Connect With Those Who Would Make Impact ‎On Your Life

By Olaniran Faith

National Association of Ondo State Students held a followership symposium at the ‎Babafunke Ajasin auditorium ministry of women affairs Ondo state ‎with theme "The journey of a meme".

‎The program had in attendance dignitaries from all works of life such has Mr Dayo Nigeria, Olufemi Iroko,Dr. Thomas Wilson Hon Olamide George, Speaker Nigeria Youth Parliament Ayo Obe,Mr Shola Akinbinu, Ms Ojumalia Joy and Mr Mark Afolabi.

There were‎ students from Fedeeral University of Technology Akure, Obafemi Awolowo University ile-Ife, Federal College of Agric Akure and secondary school students around akure and it environments.

The event Spurred youth on the importance‎ of been a good follower in every society and why some leaders failed. Leadership qualities and abilities in developing the future was discussed.

How students can use ICT positively like reading books online making‎ positive use of social media to connect with those who would make impact on their life rather than wasting time on unnecessary things was also emphasised.

Nigeria Youth Parliament Speaker Ayo Obe also charge the young ones to be problem solver and not problem creator that they should always try and create material that would b‎e useful for them and the country at large.

He further said that there most be a joint effort from both the follower and the leaders so as to begin a meaningful development in every society and organizations.

One of the participants said that followers most try and check mate,advise and politely pin point the mistake of the leaders that these would help the leaders.

The convener Mr Oluwatosin V. Akinbulumo and he thanked everybody made the program a success and appreciated the sponsors of the program‎.