Only Children wait for a particular day to celebrate love… Essence

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Every one is looking forward to celebrating valentines day, a day set aside to show love, even though it has been generalized to be lovers day and forfeiting the true essence of valentine.

In an interview with Vanguard, the Pretty songstress, Essence, revealed she do not have any plan for such day, as she does not see it as a big deal. She went on saying if someone shows her love just for a particular day, then that person do not love her at all.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion , and the dark beauty has just said hers. She made it known that she would be in church on that day and for her, valentine is everyday.

“I will be in church that day loving my God. I'm not a loving-for-one-day kind of person. Anybody that only loves me for one day doesn't truly love me. I don't believe in this idea of wearing Red on one day and eating lots of cake and chocolate in the name of celebrating love. I'm a grown woman; only children wait for a particular day to celebrate love.” She said