Emir Sanusi Repeats History, Appoints New Magajin Gari Kano

By Abubakar Haruna Muhammad -The Nigerian Voice, Kano
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Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness, HRH, Muhammad Sanusi II, has appointed Nasir Inuwa Wada, one of the sons of the first republic minister, late Inuwa Wada, as new Magajin Gari of Kano.

The new appointee, a mining entrepreneur was decorated as new Magajin Gari of Kano on Friday, 53 years after his late father was similarly honored in 1963 by Sanusi’s forebear, Muhahammad Sanusi I, the 54th emir of Kano.

The Magajin Gari is the managing partner of Cogen Energy Resources Limited, founder of Savannah Gold Exploration and Mining, and founder of Sasco Energy Minerals. He has over 20 years corporate experience.

For many observers, the appointment did not come as a surprise as Emir Sanusi I lived his early life under the care and tutelage of late Inuwa Wada.

It could be recalled when the present Kano emir, Muhammad Sanusi I, was screened by the 6th Senate Assembly for the position of the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), a lawmaker asked him how his primary certificate bore ‘Sanusi Inuwa Wada’ instead of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Sanusi had the replied that he was enrolled into early childhood education by late Inuwa Wada whom he grew with before he continued with his biological father’s name, Ciroma Aminu Sanusi.

However many still wonder why the present Kano emir answers the name Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and not Sanusi Aminu Sanusi.

Investigations revealed that he deliberately excluded his middle name and put his traditional name Lamido as middle name, followed by his grandfather’s name, Sanusi.

History has it that his grandfather who was known to be religious, steadfast and heroic answered only his first two names, Muhammad Sanusi meaning God is all knowing.