Senate considers Innoson cars as official vehicles for legislators

By The Citizen

Local car manufacturer, Innoson motors is set to meet with the leadership of the National Assembly, next week in a bid to boost the patronage of the company.

Spokesman for the company, Cornel Osigwe, Innoson Motors confirmed that a meeting has been set to hold next week between the leadership of the Senate, and Chairman of the company Innocent Chukwuma.

This is part of the efforts to promote made in Nigeria products to rescue the economy.

Saraki hinted at this on Twitter on Friday, February 12, when he applauded the indigenous car manufacturer's determination to improve on its services.

By accepting positive criticism, it shows @innosonmotors will continue to improve. Looking forward to our meeting  — Bukola Saraki (@bukolasaraki) February 12, 2016.

Saraki's Special Assistant on New Media, Bamikole Omishore confirmed the Senate President's office is in talks with the Chairman and management of the Nnewi based car manufacturer.

He also confirmed that a meeting is scheduled to hold next week.

This affirms a pledge Saraki made during the Aba trade fair in Abuja, to support Nigerian made products.

At the trade fair, Saraki promised the National Assembly would work on amending the Procurement Act by changing the word 'may' to 'shall' to ensure Nigerian products are given first priority over their foreign counterparts in the procurement process.

Osigwe revealed Innoson would try to get the National Assembly to acquire its cars as official vehicles.

'Government's recognition of Innoson and the likes, will act as an endorsement for the brand.

'It can also boost patronage from Nigeria and other African countries,' he said.

He explained an auto-plan is being negotiated with certain banks in Nigeria, to help Nigerians purchase durable and brand new Innoson vehicles, instead of buying used ones from foreign countries.