Laws Exposed

By Ogadimma Mbadiwe
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Reading is an easy way to knowledge which as Bacon rightly puts, is a “source of power to man”. For this, men tirelessly strive to acquire it.

Education created room for reading, a great tool for making men more equipped to face or control our world. Education has molded notable scholars who gained amazing knowledge and has propounded beneficial laws for us. These are people in the likes of Galileo who after much brainstorming and philosophizing, discovered truths and initiated laws.

Now, we are in a period where ­people are more concerned with memorizing and following of existing laws, theories or philosophies. As a repercussion, we now breed people that reason more with laws than their heads.

Acquiring Knowledge of the past and present is a great quality, but the problem is, most knowledgeable men fail to understand that time or a situation can transform truths or valid laws to invalid. The numerous superseded scientific laws or theories we had and will still have are similar examples.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). A good quote it is; however, its followers ought to understand its context and scope: one can see a sadist employing similar quote to justify his or her actions.

So, the laws or philosophies could be perfect for many situations, but it cannot be for all. Nonetheless, most scholars or followers of the laws don’t ponder to understand the right situations to apply them.

At a tender age, it was like a law according to my parents and remarks from people that rain starts and ends in certain months. I remember asking: “What if it rains in January?” the answer was: “It cannot”. The reply came with some air of finality because the law had been in existence before they met it and probably because they had never experienced the opposite. The law was true. To them it was irrevocable. But now, time has invalidated that law through climate change. Now the months they had known to bring heavy downpours sometimes turn to be the driest.

Now, one who thinks the laws were totally wrong is wrong because they were totally or in some case, partially right at the time they were propounded. Time creates room for change, so our duty is not just to condemn, but observe change and amend them.

These are examples of ultimate laws or truths that turned untrue at the course of time which are invariably telling us that even truths expire.

In the past, some knowledge was powerful, possessed and shared by intelligent or power holders in various cults. To acquire such knowledge, one has to be initiated. Funny enough, most of the secret knowledge were not supernatural as many would think but were simple intelligent principles or laws meant to help members live a ruling life or for easy manipulation of common men. They were classified secrets to avoid barricades to their manipulations.

Today we gain all sort of knowledge freely, that should help us rise above some sort of manipulations, placing us in finer positions to see better and make right judgments. But the truth is, knowledge does not make one wise, it only exposes some wisdom. So, people are simply in an advanced form of manipulation.

The manipulators usually turn successful in their plans by employing unbalanced truths in brain-washing both upright and un-upright men to work even against their own. And because they were successfully brainwashed with unbalanced truths, they follow the line; and when balanced truths are placed before them, they see and reason from an unbalanced perspective.

Sadly, reversing this conditioning of minds is usually a very difficult task except if the subjects are rare breeds. The problem is that over ninety percent of our population are under manipulation or biased; but the bigger problem is that nobody sees him or herself as carrier of these poor qualities.

Now, we have some laws, ideologies or expositions as guides. They could be truths or real expositions, but we should note that when a secret is exposed another evolves. So we should be careful of truths or expositions which could be unbalanced and which are usually contemporary tools for manipulation.

In sum, we live in world filled with manipulated, unbalance knowledge or laws. The adoption of fine laws helps. But unlike ­people that have been directly or indirectly impacted with a degrading mindset to follow laws and think less, we should learn to philosophize on things which includes expositions, laws or truths, considering their environments and understanding the fact that time or situation changes everything, white to black, right to wrong, truth to lies. So when you think you have knowledge, do not be too fast to act because “To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge” (Socrates).

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