5 Ultimate Survival Tips For Travelling With Young Twins

Source: Jovago.com

Parents of twins are usually proud to have them but, they often do not look forward to travelling with them because of the stress involved.

Travelling is meant to be enjoyed however if couples with twins are not careful a large chunk of their trip will be dedicated to taking care of them. The million dollar question is should travelling with twins and other multiples be a big deal? No. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal presents five foolproof ideas for travelling with twins.

No need to pack double items
It’s a tradition for twins to use similar stuff like clothes, cups, shoes, strollers, bicycle and bags. So when travelling, it’s not compulsory for you pack double of every item they will need. Aside from the fact that the car may be crammed, you will be paying additional luggage fees.

Book the right flight and seats
The most frustrating time travellers with twins have is when both toddlers crying simultaneously. But this can be avoided if you book a flight that allows you to breastfeed your babies. Some airlines provide breastfeeding cubicles. In addition, get a sit where you can easily put the twin to sleep. Also, if you can, fly or drive at a time when they will be asleep. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the breastfeeding bottles are within your reach and pack them separately.

Change diapers before departure
One smart way to prevent toddlers from crying during a trip is to make sure that their diapers are dry. It will be a tearful journey for the twins if they feel wet. As a note of caution, you can replace the diapers before your departure whether they are wet or not.

Board last
For couples travelling with twins, it’s better for them to board the plane last. This is in a bid to ensure that you didn’t leave anything behind. Caring for twins can cause you to be disorganised and uncoordinated. Hence, there is a high possibility that you may leave something behind. So, get all the help you require by making sure that nothing is left behind.

In flight entertainment
If your twins are hyperactive, ensure you pack toys they can play with. The toys can keep them busy as well as in check. You have to be eagle-eyed to prevent them from straying.

Use strollers when walking
Travelling with a child is difficult let alone travelling with two. Hence, it is advisable to place them in a stroller that accommodates two. This is the most convenient way for moving them around and makes it easier to monitor them while appreciating the beauty of nature.