ADHA Will Recommend The Closure Of Some Private Schools In The State

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Advoc committee on private Schools of the Adamawa House of Assembly has during an oversight functions frown at the way some private schools operate in the state to be having law standard and lacks serious educational excellence.

The Chairman of the Committee and leader of the delegation, Hon. Hassan Barguma Mamman, Laments the level of the private schools to be operating below standard which attracts the attention of the committee to order the closure of some of the schools.

"Imagine some private schools are just operating totally below standard, where chairs, academics facilities are not in place.He said

"In some schools there is no even sporting facilities, no conveniences, the environment is not hygienic good for pupils to be receiving their lessons, Laboratories and without enough qualified teachers.

"Some pupils seats on bare grounds without been floored, in some schools we only see structure in an entire dilapidated form yet charging parents and guardian a very high school fees.

Barguma who is also the Chief information officer of the House of Assembly said they will liaise with relevant ministries to ensure discipline is given to affected schools.