Nollywood Actress, Judith Audu sustains major injuries (Pictures)

Source: Hope Efoghe/
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Nollywood actress, Judith Audu, posted this photo on her page. She got injured while shooting a scene in a movie set. .

Movies are entertainment, they are fictional stories, yet this actress got hurt while on set, could it have been a karate move or an action film, which is undisclosed? However the actress wants her fans to know actresses works hard and they also get hurt on set.

The actress expressed how uncomfortable she gets when people see actresses as jokers, despite the love and passion they put in their work.

She sustained the injury on the set of the movie Gone Grey which is yet to be released. However, she enjoined her fans to stay tuned and watch out for the movie.

"The risk we are exposed to as actors are uncountable and yet people think we are jokers...Things we do for the love of our craft and the deep passion we have for it is unexplained... This is why some of us take it serious when people talk down on our craft, some of us put our all and loose ourselves in it just to make sure it is believable...This hurts, but then what can i say, Thank God it wasn't more than this because the fall was epic.... Watch out for the movie Gone Grey...It had better come out very well all this my blood no go waste''