4 Magical Ways To Increase Page Views Of Your Web Page

Source: Jovago.com
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One major problem that many bloggers and e-commerce businesses encounter is how to get people to visit their website. It is a known fact that attractive pictures and awesome content alone cannot dramatically boost your page views.

As a result, some startups may decide to pay for Google and web ads as an alternative to counter the low traffic. But do you know that there are other efficient ways to increase web traffic without necessarily paying a dime. Jovago.com shares these magical ways!

Use YouTube as much as Google
YouTube is another platform that can help stimulate your page visits. It is as good as Google and if you have good and captivating videos, it can also complement other efforts to increase traffic. Hence, do not only rely on Google, explore the advantages inherent in other new media platforms.

More blogging
A secret of increasing page views is to have more incoming links, which Google uses to help rank your site. When you write posts on other sites and you link back to your company site, it will enhance your SEO.

Don't ignore about email marketing.
MailChimp is a tool that allows you to create, send and email newsletters. Through the use of MailChimp, you can use it to send emails to your subscribers and other customers in your contacts. It should feature information that will encourage them to visit the website. The content can even be a Call To Action.

Focus keywords
The use of keywords is another creative way to rank higher on Google. Therefore, whenever you blogging, do not forget to always use keywords. Keyword (s) is a unique word that captures the whole articles and if the word is searched, your content will pop out in the search results. Also, ensure that the keywords are limited to three to four words long.