Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in

Rivers South-East Senatorial District re-run election has said that

electing him for the second time is in the best interest of Rivers State

and that the interest of the state should be paramount as against personal

Speaking at a media parley, well attended by journalists at his residence

in Port Harcourt on Monday, Senator Abe said that if voted for, he would

be the only ranking senator of APC in both South-South and South-East,

which would confer to him certain privileges which will be in the best

interest of the people and the region.
“The interest of Rivers State will be better protected with me in the 8th

Senate. I am the only returning member of the senate from the South-South

and South-East, who served in the 7th Senate that is aspiring at this

point to return to the 8th Senate. It therefore, means that from both the

South-South and South-East, I will be the only high ranking member of the

All Progressives Congress in as a Senator from the region. As a member of

the ruling party at that level, you have access to meetings and caucuses

that will influence decisions in the country, which somebody from a

minority party will not be able to have access because he is not part of

the political party. By the strength of God, today, the All Progressives

Congress is the party in power in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I think

that common sense, wisdom and the interest of our people should determine

that we should send people who will be in the position to have access to

the government and work with the government in the interest of the larger

Rivers community. Between me and all my opponents in this re-run

elections, I am the only person who meets that criteria”.

Abe maintained that his previous performance in the senate towers above

his opponents including out-of-pocket development projects he had sited in

various communities in the district also makes the difference.

He further explained that he was happy to observe that in course of his

visits to the communities, the people could point out one development

programme or the other he had put in place in their areas.

“Every community I go to, most of the communities start by thanking me,

saying, we want to thank you for this and that, because I have been

involved in uplifting the lives of the people of Rivers South-East

Senatorial District”.
Abe stated that he was convinced his opponents could not boast of such

achievements and urged the electorate to discountenance sentiments and put

the interest of the State above partisan politics.
He explained that he decided to embark on personal development project and

empowerment programmes to appreciate the support the people had given him,

stressing that if he were like others, such private fund would been used

for ostentatious living.
He enjoined the media to support him not only as a candidate for the

election but as one that is part of the media constituency, having served

as an award-winning former commissioner for information in the State.

Abe implored the media to set agenda on issues dear to Rivers people for

the candidates to discuss on.
He condemned reckless comments by politicians capable of inciting violence

before, during and after the re-run elections and appealed to the

candidates to refrain from inciting their supporters to violence.

“We should make the forthcoming re-run elections about what will bring

peace, progress and prosperity to Rivers State. I already see the

dangerous signal of this contest deteriorating into another era of civil

war if we don't restrain ourselves, our comments, turn from baseless

personal attacks and focus on the issues that affect our people. I believe

that the people of Rivers State over the past few months have suffered a

lot from this politics of destruction. It is time for us to now address

politics of building and I extend my both hands to all my opponents to

join me to run issue based campaign, keep violence out of this politics

and mobilize our people so that they can come out and make their choice”.

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