Fayemi's N50million Cash Gift To Aluko Tears Ekiti APC Apart

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An alleged N50million cash gift from Minister for Solid Minerals, Dr.

Kayode Fayemi to controversial former State Secretary of the Peoples

Democratic Party, PDP, Dr. Temitope Aluko has created a major division

within the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the State.

Action Group (AG), a faction of Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressive

Congress (APC), accused the Minister of Solid Minerals Development and

former governor of the state of given a sum of N50 million to the former

State Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti, Dr.

Temitope Aluko, saying the largesse was too much for a single person at

the expense of thousand of supporters walloping in poverty in the

The group, which sent out Short Message Service (SMS) on Monday evening,

alleged the minister of spending ungratefully on Aluko; maintaining that

the former PDP scribe was only protecting his interest and bargain with

Governor Ayodele Fayose and not either that of Fayemi or even the APC as a

The message read; “Fayemi must explain how he was able to give TKO Aluko

N50m. How can u give just one person N50m while we members of APC wallop in

poverty? Enough is enough!”
Fayemi, who was said to have assured Mr. TKO Aluko of soft landing should

plans go otherwise on Ekitigate, was cautioned by the Action Group APC not

to harbour a political chameleon all in the name of struggle.

The APC Action Group faction being led by Special Adviser (Political) to

the Vice President, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, is also alleged that the duo of

Aluko and former Deputy Chairman of the PDP, Hon Femi Bamisile were on

Fayemi’s payroll when he was governor, asking; “of what benefit was the

monthly payments made to Aluko and Bamisile when Fayemi was governor?

“Most importantly, of what political benefit was the payment of N16 million

to Bamisile to rent his his house in GRA, Ado Ekiti for the former Vice

Chancellor of the Ekiti State University?
“When many of our members were suffering, Fayemi was lavishing millions on

Aluko and Bamisile and he is doing the same now with N50 million given to

Aluko on an election that he (Fayemi) made us lose woefully.

“Is the honourable minister saying he is not aware that many of our

supporters and loyalists are traders, artisans and some even jobless, that

could be empowered with the N50 million freely given to Aluko, a known

Speaking further on the revelation according to Aluko, the group opined

that Aluko should have approached the court of law and not the party

involved in the case, saying he was only after the monetary gain and

undeserved recognition the party may eventually accorded him.

“Honestly speaking, Aluko has achieved his aim of given those controversial

statements on air. You asked why? He has already!
“Firstly, he wanted to be tipped before saying anything and Fayemi has done

that earlier before now. The N50 million recently given to Aluko was just

his balance for a job well done according to our inside source and which

most of us in the system are not in any form happy about. The reason cannot

be far-fetched; it was like reaping where one did not sow.

“Again, Aluko wanted to be recognised by the APC, and with the look of

things, evidences abound that he has equally achieved that. The question

now remains, what becomes our fate as party stalwarts in the state when

Aluko has suddenly turned the beneficiary of the ministerial largesse?

“This question and several others are begging for answers from our leaders

at both state and national levels before we start loosing our loyalists to

the oppositions in the state,” the group said.

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