Physically Challenged Cobbler Gets Wheel Chairs

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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These days, some Nigerians are no longer waiting on the government to come to their aide as they have now resulted to helping one another no matter what it cost.

Sometime ago, a young Kano girl born without limbs was talk of the town and little time, some good Nigerians including Mavin records singer, Di'ja, extended a hand of love to the young girl. Likewise an Abuja base young boy who had wished of having a bicycle and had to carve one for himself with materials around and a good Samaritan came around with a new bicycle.

Now, some weeks back, the picture of a physical challenged cobbler circulated the internet. Not because of his current challenges, but because he did not allow that to deter his hustle as he was seen moving around with mending shoes for people.

This indeed touched some Nigerians which have made a Samaritan get him a new wheel chair which he can be moving about with to do his business.

For every situation one finds himself, as far as there is life and a means of feeding, one needs to give God the glory because there are many out there who are in need of help.