Top 5 Pets Found In Nigeria


Pets are not only decorative or essential perfect “Awwhh-worthy” Instagram post, they offer positive physical and mental benefits to their owners such as curbing depression, security check and serving as a guide for blind or offering assistance for disabled.

If you are visiting Nigeria and looking to get a pet ,, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal throws light on the top 5 pets you will possibly find in the country.

The dog business seems to be budding as Nigerians love dogs, especially the exotic breeds. They are easy to train, loyal and can be an asset to the household as they also protect the home and make the life of its owners more bubbly and interesting.

These cute, furry and petite pets are most times only seen in the households of upper class Nigerians because they need proper attention and care. Also, they are difficult to train, require unique grooming, as well as lots of exercise. They are however very friendly pets once they have gained trust in their owners.

Unlike dogs, cats are much more independent and do not need much training, grooming or exercise. They are also petite and do not consume a lot at a food. You find a lot of cats in rural areas as opposed to dogs as the families keep them to perform rodent-control duties; they are very efficient in controlling rats which tend to fester in those areas.

This pet is much more popular in the northern parts of Nigeria . You would see hawkers selling parrots in tiny cages on the streets and in traffic. These birds are usually very colorful and can sometimes mimic human language. These attributes makes them a largely attractive pet. While parrots are not as domesticated as other kinds of animals and will most often fly away once released, they still form bonds with their owners and add their own special kind of flavor to the household.

Fishes are a tasty delicacy but some species make very good pets. The idea of having fishes as pets came with the aquarium trend in Nigeria. At a point, Nigerians generally assumed that having an aquarium as part of a house’s interior décor was a way to exhibit affluence. Over time however, the trend has waned, seeing as maintaining an aquarium is not the easiest thing to do, however, a few who appreciate the aquatic pets keep them in a water bowl in their homes. While these fishes cannot be cuddled, stroked or even touched, watching them swim around can give a measure of joy.