5 Ways Technology Has Changed Love

Source: Jovago.com
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Before the grand entry of technology, love was solely reliant on the efforts of both parties making it work. Writing love letters, and travelling long distances just to see your partner was the norm. However, with technology comes change and with this evolution, a myriad of positive and unhealthy habits with it. So what are the ways technology is changing the way people love? Jovago.com highlights five of these.

Make Long Distance Relationship (LDR) work
Many people are in a long distance relationship, thanks to technology. At present, there are various platforms for lovers to keep in touch and interestingly, and with these platforms becoming relatively affordable most sincere relationships can survive the test of time.

Breakup made easy
Since technology creates a wider platform to meet people, very few people are willing to remain in crappy and unhappy relationships. They know if they breakup, in the next few months, they are chatting with another potential lover on Facebook. Many are taking online meetings to offline and converting them into loving relationships. Notwithstanding the risk, people still engage in it.

Date outside the box
Variety is the spice of life. The more the variety, the more the choices. Hence, many people date individuals who are within their preferred taste. Fortunately, tech helps many to meet eligible guys and ladies. But, being careless with this has led to unsavoury endings.

Many have become sleuth
You can find anybody you meet on the surface of the earth as far as they have an online presence. If she is in a hurry and you could not get her phone number, ensure that she tells you her name and Google it!

However, for some people they have become online detectives especially when they are obsessed with somebody. They navigate from Facebook to twitter, and Instagram just to satisfy their obsession. Love was quite simple, but today with all the tech shenanigans, it is now complicated!

Very few invest in their relationship
Technology has made things very elementary. In the past, painstaking attempts were made to keep a relationship spicy and loving. But, with the World Wide Web, you can simply sit in the comfort of your room chatting with your partner. Both of you may not even see each other for months. Why should you see each other when both of you are already having fun on WhatsApp?