The New Media Propaganda Against Nyako

By Hamza Yahaya Yaro, From Kano

Every Nigerian heaved a sigh of relief when Ibrahim Lamorde was sacked as the EFCC Chairman. In fact majority believed it was long overdue. Lamorde had his hands soiled in many dirty underhand activities and was involved in political witch hunt on behalf of some selfish politicians particularly in his home state of Adamawa. He was a ready tool in the hands of these desperate Adamawa elites to illegally impeach former Governor Murtala Nyako and thereafter slammed some dubious corruption charges against him just to ensure they finish him politically.

Unfortunately the EFCC under Lamorde was so desperate that it came up with unrealistic and laughable charges which defied logic and common sense.Nyako then insisted he should be taken to court when he sensed the desperation of Lamorde to rubbish his reputation. Since the case got to court, everyone had allowed it take its natural process with no political interferenceor propaganda. All thanks to the wind of change Nigerians are experiencing now under the leadership of President Buhari.

Suddenly these insensitive Adamawa politicians are at it again and this time are trying to capitalize on the frivolous charges Lamorde put against Nyako to score cheap political points by making a fanfare of the court case which in every way beats any right thinking person’s imagination. A case which claims a Governor stole money even after leaving office sure makes a mockery of the fight against corruption in any sane society. Nyako has deliberately refused to join issues with these jobless politicians who have sent out their sponsored media attack dogs to misinterpret reports coming out from the court proceedings so the world can declare Nyako guilty even before the court give its ruling on the Nyako versus EFCC case. To Nyako, towing the same line as these people will amount to interfering with the court process hence his silence over the issue.

For the records and those who are not aware. Former Governor Nyako has two cases he is in court for. The first is his suit challenging his illegal impeachment and pressing for his fundamental human rights which was infringed upon beacause he was not given the right to fair hearing and the second which is the EFCC versus Nyako bordering on the frivolous corruption charges against him by the EFCC which this article seeks to address.

From the body language of these desperados it seems they have become jittery because Nyako’s case at the Appeal Court challenging his illegal impeachment comes up this month and the court might return himas Governor. No amount of media propaganda or blackmail can change the fact that Lamorde’s EFCC’s case against former Governor Nyako and his son was a political vendetta for daring to speak up against the Jonathan led administration on its complicity in the Boko Haram insurgency.

For the EFCC to come up and tell Nigerians that Nyako as governor stole twenty nine billion naira with most part of it stolen when he(Nyako) was out of the Government House is not only malicious but was also anobvious desperate attempt to have him nailed at all cost. If this claim by the EFCC is anything to go by, then Nyako must have been a super human to steal from the government coffers even after leaving or whoever believed that illogical claim must have been fooled. As at the time Nyako left, Adamawa had about 1.5 billion naira in its coffers but was squandered in few weeks when Fintiri was Acting Governor.

Daily Trust Newspaper of February 5th2016 reported the Nyako versus The EFCC case fairly and was on point on what actually transpired in the court. Sadly the same cannot be said of the Daily Sun Newspaper and Premium times of the same day. Their reportage was one sided and geared towards rubbishing Nyako.

The media should at all times be seen to be unbiased in their reportage and must always avoid been tools in the hands of politicians to undermine and persecute their supposed political enemies once they are given some token. Whoever is behind this latest negative media hype aboutNyako’s case for the little he stands to gain materially should know that his or her mischief cannot stop Nyako from being cleared of all corruption charges along with his son by the courts.

Hamza Yahaya Yaro wrote in from Kano

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