MDAs, Military, NYSC, National Assembly, Others To Receive Funding From Monday

Source: TheBrief.Ng

THEBRIEF has learnt that the current cash crunch suffered by the Federal Government parastatal, the military and legislative arms of government is set to be abated from Monday.

At the moment, the severance packages of aides of the 7th National Assembly are yet to be paid, since the expiration of the Assembly in June 2015.

On Friday, the National Youth Service Corp, announced that although it was set to pay delayed January allowances, corps members would have to be patient for a few more weeks, to receive their pay.

The Brief also discovered that Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, and Legislative Aides of the 8th national Assembly, have not been paid since December 2015.

Dispute occurred same Friday, when the Military debunked claims that its hierarchy complained to the senate leadership in a closed door meeting, that its counter terrorism efforts were being truncated by the lack of funding from the government, as announced after the meeting.

Despite sums of money bandied around by the government that have been saved so far from various efforts, disgruntled moans continued to arise as the finance ministry appeared short of funds to meet its expectations.

However, saturday night, THEBRIEF confirmed that the Ministry of Finance released funds on Friday, from the supplementary budget the senate approved in December, and the Central Bank will begin to disburse from Monday.