Thousands flee Borno communities after fresh Boko Haram attacks

By The Citizen

Thousands of civil­ians are fleeing Borno central communities following fresh attacks in the area by Boko Ha­ram where four people were killed.

A group of Boko Ha­ram insurgents, number­ing about 30 raided Malari and Mairi Mai Umar Vil­lages along Konduga-Bame Road, some 11 kilometres from Maiduguri, killing no fewer than four people.

'Three elderly women were burnt alive and a Ko­ranic boy studying was shot dead,' eyewitness Umar Goni, a local perfume seller told Sunday Sun at Mairi Mai Umar village yester­day.

He said the insurgents came by foot with 'al­most all of them carrying guns,' shooting into the vil­lage. 'They came at about 8.30pm and the attack con­tinued till about 10pm. They set fire on houses and burnt three elderly women who were sleeping inside their houses,' Goni further ex­plained.

Senator representing Borno Central in the Senate,  Kaka Garbai confirmed that four people were killed, re­gretting that the insurgents visited terror on the people. He said already the commu­nities in the area have been deserted as residents feared the insurgents could launch more attacks in the area.

'You can see the place is a ghost town now. Even people in neighbouring communities are migrating to Maiduguri because they are afraid the insurgents are close by, not far away and may attack them too,' he said.

Many people were seen with their luggage fleeing  the area. Some angry women asked the reporter to tell the authority to protect them, saying they have suffered enough. 'Enough of this, we don't want your food or relief materials, just tell the govern­ment to protect us, this is all we need,' she shouted as she struggled with her two chil­dren and her luggage, trek­king to the capital city yester­day noon.

The attack came barely a week after Dalori, some three kilometres away was attack and 85 people were killed and nearly 100 people injured. – The Sun.