5 Ways To Have Fun At Jabi Lake

Source: Jovago.com

Nothing beats a day at Jabi Lake . A major tourist attraction in Abuja for visitors from around the country, including Minna and Kaduna, the lake offers an inexpensive, fun day for the family, a great place to hang out with a lover or friends and someplace to go by yourself, enjoy the sun and read a good book.

Encircled in a sea of water and gorgeous scenery, it offers the closest to beach experience within the city. If you happen to be traveling to the area from out of town, Jovago.com offers a list of things to do at the lake that will keep you on your toes and offer you great opportunities to encounter something new and different.

Window shop at Jabi Lake mall
The Jabi Lake mall is the most recent addition to the Jabi Lake environs. Situated on 5 hectares of land on the eastern shore of the Jabi Lake, ten minutes away from the Abuja Central Business District, and flanked by Shehu Yar’Adua expressway and the Jabi and Utako districts, overlooking Jabi Lake, the spot attracts a large number of visitors per day. While visiting Jabi Lake, stroll into the magnificent mall and feed your eyes to a feast of products available in stores all located within the mall. Have fun checking out the fashion trends and latest brands…and if you have some money to spare, you can make a purchase or two.

Shake your hips in a dancing competition
Dance competitions are a common occurrence at the Jabi lake. If you are not able to register and secure a chance at any of the dance competition, kick up your adventure genes, crash one of the competition and give yourself a chance to compete with skill dancers, and for a prize too. You might end up discovering a talent you did not know you had within you while having fun all the way.

Take a boat ride
The Jabi Lake offers amenities like speed boat rides, canoe rides as well as other water sports. Shake off your aquaphobia and go on a speedboat ride. Usually, you can go on a ride with an expert who charges a token or you can drive the boat on your own. The canoe rides are slower but as much fun as well. In a city where there is a dearth of seas side, an opportunity that offer sea breeze and adrenalin pumping speed on water can be quite exhilarating.

Picnic with a boo at Jabi Park
Jabi Park Abuja is a cool garden beside the Jabi lake. You get a chance to relax on a mat with friends and feast on whatever goodies you decide to bring, while observing the environs. The good this about Jabi Lake is that you do not need to stress yourself over cooking and packing food. Just come with a mat and a basket and you can fill up the basket with food items from stores and restaurants around. Good thing is, you can take a stroll after the picnic and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Ride a horse
Most Nigerians are not huge on riding horses at the various beaches as they tend to automatically assume the horses are dirty and disease ridden. The case is however different at Jabi lake. The horses are not only well groomed; they have trainers who escort them round in search of patronizers. Have fun galloping around areas of the Jabi Lake and park…and do not forget to take pictures as they help preserve the fun memory.