My Husband Is The Most Peaceful Man On Earth Says Pastor Vicky

By Godday Odidi

Pastor Vicky Igbokwe is the Senior Associate Pastor of Faithlife Christian Centre and Innerlife circles, an organization that deals on marital issues and empowerment programmes in Ajegunle.She recently celebrated her 45th birthday bash in a grand style. In this interview with some journalists in Lagos, she stated some reasons her marriage survived for 20years and other issues.

Que: How long have you been married and how many kids do you have?

Ans: By March 2nd2016 my marriage will be 20yrs. We are blessed with two boys and two girls.

Que: What is the secret ingredient to your 20yrs in marriage and what advice do you have for married couples and singles?

Ans: The love we share is genuine. Maturity is our greatest asset and we have good understanding.

My counsel to the married is (Eph 5:12) which says submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of the LORD. They should also love. To the singles, I say beware; all that glitters is not gold. Don’t be materialistic driven, rather be purpose driven.

Que: What do you love or like the most about your husband?

Ans: My husband is the most peaceful man on earth; my world has become so peaceful because of him. He goes to any length to ensure there is peace at home even if it means him getting hurt in the process.

Que: What is your ministry “Innerlife Circles” about and why the name Innerlife Circles and not Outerlife Circles?

Ans: Innerlife is a ministry that deals with the hidden issues of the heart. We minister to the hurting, the broken hearted, the abused and the needy.

The purpose the ministry wants to achieve in the lives of men and women is what brought the name “Innerlife”.

Que: How do you combine being a pastor’s wife, branch pastor, running your own ministry (Innerlife Circles), being a mother to your kids and the church?

Ans: It’s been God’s grace all the way. Secondly, wisdom is profitable to direct. Thirdly, I do my best to balance the various roles by putting in deliberate efforts.

Que: What brought about your bi-annual “widows and orphans concert”, and what has been the impact so far?

Ans: God spoke to me in 2004 to minister to the widow, orphans and less privileged. The impact has been great, the widows especially has been multiplying. We currently have 116 widows we cater for and we minister to them spiritually and materially. We have been able to empower some to kick off small scale businesses.

Que: What is your advice to young women in ministry, particularly pastors’ wives?

Ans: Ahhhh…that’s a good question. I’ll advice them to run with the God given vision and to maintain close fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Ministry will always have its joy and challenges and that is why we must remain focused by keeping our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Que: What is your leadership strategies in dealing with the people you lead?

Ans: I prayerfully follow the people, modeling love and servant leadership. I use wisdom, the rod and the staff, and I give people a listening ear.

Que: If there is a next life, would you still want to be a woman or would you prefer to be a man?

Ans: Being a Daddy’s girl, I have a lot of my dad’s qualities which might make me fit into being a man but the gospel truth is that I LOVE BEING A WOMAN. So if there is a next life, I will still prefer to come as a woman.

Que: What would you be doing if you weren’t a pastor’s wife?

Ans: I will still be highly involved in ministry due to my love for God. I will also be active in business.

Que: We learnt you are a tough lady and at the same time, tender, how do you reflect both?

Ans: (laughs) I guess it’s my design. Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah and at the same time the lamb that was slain.

I am not harsh but I am tough when I need to be tough and tender when I need to be tender.

Que: Going by the fact that you are a beautiful lady and you look a lot younger than your age, do you still get advances from the opposite sex?

Ans: (laughs) it’s normal for men to be attracted to women even after giving birth to twelve children. Women will always get advances from admirers.

Que: How do you handle the advances?
Ans: I turn them down and stick to my decision to remain faithful to God and my marriage vows.

Que: Who are your role models in ministry, both internationally and locally?

Ans: Bishop Sam & Rev. Dr. Faith Ukaegbu; my spiritual parents.

Rev. Vincent Igbokwe; the love of my life.
Rev. Esther Ben Enoch.
Rev. Funke Adejumo.
Pastor Jane Pela.
Apostle Guillermo Maldonaldo.
Rev. Joe Akanya.
What are your future plans for life and ministry?
Ans: To operate in higher grace, to walk in the supernatural, to be all that God wants me to be and to serve humanity better.