‎Nation Building: The Need For An Effective and Credible Mainstream Opposition

By Shadow Cabinet
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The Shadow Cabinet of Nigeria, a group of young, diplomatic and peace loving Nigerians has called on the People's Democratic Party (PDP) to get it right in selecting their new substantial national chairman as the decision of who becomes the Chairman will either make or mar democracy in Nigeria.

In a statement signed by the group’s leader, Oke Umurhohwo, the Shadow Cabinet called on the PDP leadership to adopt a chairman who is an individual of impeccable character, an effigy of credibility and one who is devoid of parochial self-interest, sectionalism and a shameful past. He must also be acceptable in his zone and popular nationwide.

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“In times like this, It is quite understandable and reasonable to conclude that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is at one of, if not its most challenging moment. However, in the overall interest of the people it represents, its ability to stand firm and stay focused will play a determining role in its fortune ‎despite the current political hurricane sweeping within its ranks.

For the sake of the Nigerian public, the PDP needs to arise and take its place as the leading opposition voice in Nigeria's Democratic setting. Nigeria needs people who have shown a degree of selflessness, the will to serve, credibility, courage and bravery to champion her course.

Without these, Nigeria and Nigerians will likely remain at the mercy of the ruling party who seem aptly ready to silence dissenting voices and opinions. We cannot allow our Nation descend into a one party system. That could spell chaos.‎

It is germane that the PDP, in selecting the party's National Chairman, ensure that he or she is an individual with impeccable character, an effigy of credibility and integrity, one who is devoid of parochial self-interest, sectionalism and a shameful past. He must be acceptable in his zone and popular nationwide.

Another factor to be considered is the stake of its founding fathers, not carrying them along in this pursuit might be a futile effort. While it has been established that some have defected, a majority of which have remained and are domiciled in the Northern part of our country should be consulted and reconciled if the need arises. The major reason for this is the way the structures of current NEC, NWC and BOT are positioned.‎

Putting in perspective the 2019 presidential slot zoning to the North, there is a need to carefully and thoughtfully appraise the zoning factor. As might have been realized by concerned stakeholders, it was a decision announced too early and this might explain why the APC seems bent on persecuting any perceived potential candidate from the Northern zone. The PDP should expect more of such this year.

There are two strokes to consider here and they are as follows; a North Easterner coming in to balance the current zoning or a Southerner being adopted as the Party's National Chairman.

Our take on this goes thus, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, it is better to factor in the favourable results of a long term approach than that of meeting an immediate need. If the North East is coming to complete its term, the period of emergence of a national chairman should not extend beyond the party's National Convention.

Secondly, selecting a southerner as Chairman should not leave the impression of a sectional or regional party.

Lastly, there are two factions working behind the scenes to crumble the PDP. One of which is from an APC agenda to dismantle the party and the other seem tired of bearing the party's name. Both factions are more than ready to foment trouble, break away, and form new groups.

When Spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. More than ever, the PDP needs to assemble a united front. No father will tell his repented son to change his surname. Your decision tomorrow will either make or mar democracy in Nigeria.”‎

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