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Bishop Isaac Idahosa is the General Overseer of Godfirst Ministries International(Illumination Assembly) and one of the firebrand pastors doing credibly well in God’s kingdom in spite of high profile criticisms that greeted his calling but never gave up than showing Pentecostal forgiveness to his enemies. He is one minister of God who does not doublespeak in the media than hearing clearly from God as his name’ Idahosa’ implies. In this interview with Mindset Media Limited, Bishop Idahosa enumerated some deep secrets of successes in ministry and other issues in Nigeria.

What does success means to you sir?
Success is a structure; there is nothing you want to be that others have not been in life. There is nothing new under the sun. Connect yourself to the right company and learn to know how they made in order to redouble your efforts in life.

Does your background affect your success in life?
The true issue is that you could be born in a palace and end up in a gutter and you could be born in a gutter and end up in a Palace. There is no future in the past.

What was your set goal when you were still in the formative years of building illumination Assembly at Ijesha area of Surulere in Lagos State?

I did not think of coming to Victoria Island, it was a divine instruction from God and I obeyed. Remember that my name is Idahosa means hearing from God and I obeyed. It is one thing to hear from God and have a relationship with Him. You must separate the voice of God from the voice of men. You must develop the will power of God even when it is not convenient with you.

How do you feel when God uses you to liberate souls across the globe?

When God uses me at times, I am amazed and it makes me more humble and I am not used to God. I always come out as a child, flexible and pliable. It makes me learn more in the things of God and applies the awesome power as a baby. I watch myself and criticize myself to see how I can improve and appreciate God for using somebody like me .I am just a pipeline of the gospel of Christ.

How many books have you written so far?
I have written 15 books, two musical albums and other books and musical album coming soon.

Can you spot the difference between Ajegunle and Victoria Island churches?

There is no difference but understanding you’re calling in God that matters.Ajegunle people have zeal for God because they love worship and praises and I looked forward to going there. I believe where you are don’t really matters, what matters is your heart; your heart determines your height. I don’t select where I go to but God determines my movement.

Many that have contact with you would not want others to get your contact, are you aware?

To me, protocol must be observed. Many have abused this privilege oftentimes. When you go to other church to preach, ethics demands that you don’t give your number to anybody except the convener.

Few years ago, several allegations were leveled against you in different media platforms by using diabolic means to grow your church but you never responded to it why?

Who you give attention to also gives direction. Jesus Christ never responded to critics rather doing his father’s business.

You have passion for publicity than other pastors of the same peers, what is the secret?

Other pastors have passion for publicity like me too. It depends on value, what you value; you promote, protect, project and provide for. Your light will be brighter over darkness in life. If you are right with God, you will stand out from the crowd.

What 2016 means to you and with other pastors prophesying negative leadership for Nigeria?

Well, it is a year that God would intervene for His children. Nigeria is passing through spiritual hardship which is reflecting our economy today. It is just a phase and the man of God called Buhari is doing political justice to some of the problems now. There have been a lot of political adjustments and the probing is good for the country.

Many are saying they should probe your mentor, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor for purchasing a personal aircraft for use, what is your stake towards this?

Is it a crime to buy aircraft again in Nigeria? Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. He was not the one that carried such huge amount of money on the aircraft. He leased the aircraft out for people to use. It is very expensive to maintain aircraft in Nigeria and I have personally discussed with him and how can he monitor what to use with the aircraft when we have airport officials to do that. Papa Ayo is vocal in God’s kingdom and many are uncomfortable with him. He is a man of his words and integrity personified. I believe in him, great father and mentor.

Sir your success in ministry reflects your followers why?

Your greatness is not complete if those around you are not affected positively. The true measurement of blessings is found in others. The only way I can be happier to make others happy in life. A success without successor is failure in disguise. I have given out cars for those I don’t know, it what you give is yours and what you hoard is not yours. The more you give and the more you live. Giving is living.

Many are now making you as their mentors, how do you feel sir?

Well, you can take a horse to a river but you can force him to drink water. Sincerely speaking, you can’t come to a great man with good intention of learning without being great in life. There are a principle to success.Everyday is plus to Illumination Assembly. The widest room on earth is improvement. The day you stop improving, the day your goal perishes in life.

It is rampant in this new dispensation of ministry where pastors now preach themselves than God’s word, why?

A messager without a message will mess up. God has given us enough messages to preach why I should preach myself. You are meant to preach the word. Car or house is not blessings but blessings produce these material things of life. I have passion in doing the work of God. I felt giving up, if it does not challenge you, then it can’t change you as a person. It is not what happens to you that define you but your respond to it. Late Arcbishop Benson Idahosa had laid the foundation of ministerial growth and development for all ministers of God in Nigeria.

What is your advice for young pastors in Nigeria?
They should pursue their passions and associate with great ministers of God that have achieved in life. They need to be mentored and avoid comparism in ministry. Your mentor is not your friend, so avoid be familiar with your mentor.

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