5 Quick Things To Know About The Lagos City Marathon

Source: Jovago.com
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Eko for show. This coming weekend will be one of fun, excitement and a benign exhibition of the tourism potentials of a state which is on its way to becoming a mega city. It's not a surprise because Lagos has always been the pacesetter when it comes to novel events, remember the Lagos Countdown? And of course, it's the economic heartbeat of Nigeria. Many will go as far as saying 'No Lagos, no Nigeria'.

Drums roll...welcome, the Lagos City Marathon which derbies on February 6th. A marathon hinged on bringing local and international athletes together to experience the hospitality, nerve racking hustle, entertainment, art, sport and the swashbuckling side of a burgeoning city. If you are participating in the marathon, here are some quick things you need to know. Get your trainers on Saturday and join over 40 international runners in the first Lagos City Marathon.

The route
This is perhaps the most important information that all participants should have at their finger tip. The start point (7:30am) is The National Stadium Surulere while the finish point is Eko Atlantic. In between, the runners will go through popular stops like Ojuelegba, Anthony, Maryland, Ojota, Ogudu, Third Mainland Bridge, and Federal Palace Hotel among other places. The distance to be covered is 42.195 kilometres which is less than three hours.

Running numbers
To be eligible for the race, you must collect your running number. You can collect it at the Teslim Balogun stadium which is a stone throw from the National Stadium. Don't forget you need a means of identity and confirmation received via email to receive your running kits. The numbers can be collected between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm.

Registration closes on 4th February
For Nigerians that like to do things at the eleventh hour, they still have ample opportunity to register to run in the marathon. Go online and register. Registration is very simple. Put your money where your mouth is. No bragging!

$50,000.00 up for grabs
Converting 50,000 dollars to the black market rate of the naira will give you a staggering amount. But if this is not enough to motivate to participate, what about the sound of 1 million naira for the 1st male and female Nigerian to cross the finish line? It's not about winning but participating. Notwithstanding, money has always been an excellent motivating factor in any engagement.

50,000 Marathoners are expected
Imagine the huge logistics that will go into organising the Lagos City Marathon in a city like Lagos. So, you have to forgive any hitches. On the part of the government, maximum security, refreshments, ambulance services and entertainment are guaranteed. For runners, it's advisable to leave your car and other valuables at home, arrive early and follow instructions. You are assured of a pleasant time at the marathon!