At The NASS: Dyegh’s Achievements, Antecedents Still Counting Gains

By Akosu Emmanuel

The 2015 elections may be gone past, yet its rare and uncommon features still springs up with green memories to most pundits. This is in addition to its still scanty unpredictable aftermath as the nation’s democracy swerves. What particularly makes events of the general elections outstanding may be culled from its accompanying campaigns, promises, blackmails, mudslinging and all forms of calumnious and hate speeches over and above each other’s opponents.

The electorates on their part had envisioned a swift implementation of promises sold to them by politicians prior to the elections which today may either appear dashed, hopeless or still be alive. They had believed that miracles would be achieved sooner than these public officials; these importunate advocates of change were sworn-in.

To the masses the change mantra must be seen to be practically entrenched on their socio-economic wellbeing, if not they may consider it the usual scam by the typical Nigerian politician who had habitually become the swindler, liar and scammer, and whose stock in trade had being baked on consistent deceit, treachery and betrayal of confidence reposed in them by the electorates usually leaving the electorates in sheer neglect and regret. But this time the change slogan appeared convincing enough to make them vouch for the unforeseen even though the typical politician had not changed his usual antics.

It is understandable owing to great expectations from the people that many of the electorates remained disappointed and disillusioned in the way and manner events continued to be played by most political office holder and their doings and undoing shortly after the recent elections, yet an appreciable number may still have cause to keep faith with their leaders, primarily because of their proven past records and relationship with them. Rt. Hon. John Dyegh may be one of such rare politicians in Nigeria, who today the Benue voting blog seem to keep casting their bet upon even though disappointments in other political office holders may have continually harassed their genuine feelings on several of their leaders and representatives. Recent events in political undertakings showed that Dyegh has risen to limelight basically owing to his uncommon tract records of service fore mostly as an activist and later as a Legislator at the Green Chambers of the National Assembly since 2011. His progressive ideals over the last five years has endeared him closer to his constituents and indeed earmarked him for bigger challenges in the socio-political circles.

During the 2015 general elections, the Gboko-Tarka Federal House of Representatives seat was seen to be at the behest of political activities in Benue state. The growing factors that simply determined the victor in the elections may have been anchored on the thin line between performance and non-performance, viable and weak representation, positive achievement and inactivity, antecedents, records and personality standing. These factors did form the nucleus for the contest. To many observers, prior to the 2015 elections and as far as the Gboko-Tarka Federal Seat mattered, it was an already lost and won battle between Hon Dyegh and his close rival in PDP as several positive variables in the range of practical achievement and antecedents had largely favoured Dyegh over and above his closest contender.

In a fairer and better placed analysis, Rt Hon Dyegh’s achievements in the last four years at the Green chambers did counted and stood eloquent in his favour and to the greater good of his constituency, particularly as several infrastructural strides were already in the spectacle of the public mainly in the commercial hub of Tiv Nation - Gboko. His disposition to public welfarism, politics of socialism and gifted humane leadership prowess equally added value to his anticipated success then and in the near future it may still speak volumes.

The Dyegh’s success factor is indeed a phenomenon. His initial promises made prior to the 2011 and subsequent achievements had set the stage for a return mandate to the National Assembly in the people’s assessment and public court. To his electoral value, he had largely fulfilled his social contract with his constituents far beyond his targets and the people’s expectations. In areas of infrastructure- education, feeder roads, health, and portable water, the achievements were and are eloquently vast across his constituency. This is somewhat unusual if the shabby experiences of his constituents from 1999 – 2011 in these areas were to be placed in discourse. But Dyegh had turned around his constituent’s hopelessness into realistic fortunes in the last five years. These achievements are today enduring and scattered in and around clans such as Mbayion, Mbatyav, Yandev, Mbatyerev, Ipav all in Gboko local government as well as the entire Mbakor of Tarka Local government.

Aside the provision of basic amenities, the quality of bills been initiated and sponsored by this viable Federal Lawmaker are indeed rewarding, prolific, enduring and did account for his continued successes as a seasoned Legislator within the Nigerian spectacle. Prominently, Dyegh had in his sojourn at the National Assembly sponsored among others; a Bill seeking the establishment of an Electoral Offences Commission, and a Bill seeking the Alteration of the ACT Establishing the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi from its present nomenclature and to be named after the great political sage and minority rights crusader, the Late Chief JS Tarka. Dyegh has initiated several motions to promptly compel the Dangote PLC to live up to her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the host Community, Mbayion – a clan largely endowed with limestone and under Hon Dyegh’s Constituency in Gboko Local Government Area.

In the area of human capital development, Dr John Dyegh’s unwavering drive and strides are appreciably vast and beneficial to his constituents. Many a youth from his constituency would appreciate to have been gainfully employed at some Federal Para-Military, Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies. He had ensured more than 70 employment slots for the educated and employable segment of his constituents. Most of them are scattered across Federal MDAs, the para-military and even in the private sectors like Banks and other engagements. Back home, he had ensured the establishment of a Special Science and Technical College, Akpagher, Mbatyav built with modern science laboratories and stocked same with state of the art science equipment. Several primary and post primary schools in the constituency are also renovated to enhance improved education and supplied with tools and instructional materials for improved learning conditions.

The Lawmaker’s scholarship scheme for the schooling segment is one factor that has greatly created much admiration among his constituents. With several millions of Naira already utilized for this purpose, a good number of students from mostly non privileged backgrounds have become beneficiaries of the large heartedness of this down to earth Legislator.

While power supply had hitherto posed a serious clog to SMEs growth and social conditions, Dyegh had donated several electricity transformers to most communities across his constituency with the dual purposes of revitalizing a near moribund economies and reawakening social and economic lives of a once commercial nerve centre in Tiv land –Gboko whilst counting several gains in social prosperity.

John Dyegh similarly recognizes the essentiality of water in human existence. He has moved to make it available and in a hygienic state too, by providing several boreholes across the communities of Gboko and Tarka Local Governments areas. In his benevolent nature, the lawmaker has continually stood as a source of succour to the downtrodden as he has met many and turned around their fortunes for their general good and wellbeing.

Rt Hon John Dyegh, Ph.D, a deeply dedicated representative of the people today stands committed with a benign and kind-hearted approach to helping many in their desperation, is seen by his constituents as the last resort to most of their critical needs. As a pro masses inclined politician who has been chastised and baked in firm societal values of forthrightness, thorough, selflessness, and practicality, Dyegh has kept these potent factors in his kitty and whenever he applies such in service to humanity the results speak positively and loudest, thus determining his successes at every encounter with the people who form his voting blog at the Gboko/Tarka Federal Constituency.