Students Of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Today Stage #Freezakzaky Protest

#No To Killing Of Students, #No To Illegal Detension....We Say No To Killing Of Students No To Illegal Detension Of Students
By Stephen Lawan

We must accept the fact that students lay the foundation stone of the future of all societies because the youthful stage of a student is a prominent stage compare to all stages of life. It is a stage where students learn life issues and how to tackle challenges ahead and how to build a beautiful life. This is a stage where the growth and development of every Nation is determined.

It is now six weeks on, since when the Nigerian Army launched a coordinated crackdown massacre on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of his eminence Allamah Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H). Tens of students were brutally killed by the Nigerian Army and hundreds more are still under illegal detentions. This is a display of inhumane and gross violation of fundamental human rights against fellow Nigerian Citizens. Based on the list that the Islamic Movement compiled, 750 men and women are either in military detentions or murdered. Amongst them are dozens of students, excluding the 220 others that are presently in Kaduna, some Prison languishing with gun shots injuries without medical treatment.

We thought that part of the obligations of the Nigerian Military is to safeguard life and properties of fellow citizens and practically demonstrate the civil military relation that will prevent loss of lives and protect the lives of innocent citizens. But the brutal massacre perpetrated by the has not only raised the Armys human right abuse record but has also turned a lot of women into widows , children into orphans and has also succeeded in wiping out many families forever under the pretext of assassination attempt , road block , creating a state within a state and so on.

Does the Husaniyya Bakiyyatullah block the Armys way? Does the Fudiyyah Islamic Center block the Armys way?

Does the graves of people dug and destroyed by the Army and Kaduna state Government block the Army way? Do the graves of the Mother of Shaikh Zakzaky and his three children killed in 2014 by the same Army also blocked way? Does the house of Shaikh Zakzaky that was set on fire with people inside and later demolished blocked way?

What about killing of children, including 18 months baby at Gyellesu and other locations. Do they block way? That was a planned mission to wipe out the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and to kill Allamah Shaikh Zakzaky by the enemies of peace and humanity.

Finally, we are calling for the immediate release of Allamah Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife as well as all others in detention. The perpetrators of these demonic acts be brought to book for the crime against humanity We demand Justice right now.

A.B.U students of the Academic Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (AFIMN)

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