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  • (By: Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola)
    The palpable di#culties confronting Nigerians brings palpitations to seekers of
    egalitarian society, as the personalities managing our common wealth seems
    caught in cerebral palsy created by shortsightedness of previous administrations
    that failed to meticulously manage the resources of the Country.
    The Statistics of internationally recognized professionals of Nigeria Origins across
    the globe clearly explains the functionalities of intellectualism inherent in human
    resources in this Country, these professionals mostly naturalized and acquire
    citizenship of foreign Countries where they rise to become Mayors, Government
    Cabinet Members, Business Moguls, Academicians and lots more.
    The in1ux of Nigeria trained Professionals into Advance Countries in search of
    greener pastures a#rmatively attest to the poor working conditions of workers in
    the Country, when dutifully engaged citizens cannot a3ord standard living, the
    fates of low income earners and the unemployed becomes pitiful, while the self-
    employed survives at the mercy of deep breath taking business risks often dicey
    for businesses survival.
    A holistic view of governance in Nigeria will convince any sensible citizen of the
    retarded state of leadership and dubious followership con1icting with common
    sense as the masses su3er series of social deprivations, economic woes and
    5nancial ruins premised on terrible and grievous immoralities within the corridors
    of power for a very long time.
    The change of government recently was eased on the exigent demands for new
    phase of governance to conform with the yearnings of commoners for complete
    overhaul of the activities of government to address our economic challenges and
    provisions of the needs of the society, but the trend of neglect of the aspirations of
    commoners for worthy and standard education seems unabated with lock of class
    rooms in several Secondary Schools across the Country as tertiary institutions
    o3ers no solution to breeding of ill-equipped graduates.
    Those that witnessed the exchange rate of currencies thirty 5ve years ago when a
    naira compete with a dollar must be wishing for political asylum elsewhere now
    that a dollar compete with three hundred naira. If the current exchange rate is a
    yardstick to evaluate the general level of deterioration in Nigeria, it means we
  • have deteriorated at three hundred percent rate, which explains the high rate of
    intellectual melancholy and retardation among most Nigerians who have failed to
    5nd common ground to set new approach to salvage the Country from further
    Every change of government since 1960 came with hope of economic
    advancement and guarantee of better lives for citizens. On the contrary, each of
    the governments failed to improve the Country, but added to her woes with self-
    serving policies that not only widened the chasm between the haves and the have-
    nots but endangered the lives of helpless masses through State sponsored terror
    and protection of criminals to frustrate seeming oppositions against their hold.
    The culture of honesty and integrity is gradually going towards extinction in this
    Country and must be salvaged if normalcy must resurface in our thoughts and
    actions. I wonder why the masses allows few people bene5ting huge resources as
    salaries, allowances and pension from taxpayers money become shenanigans that
    wield negative powers to misgovern the a3airs of people at Local, States and
    Federal Levels, yet enjoy the friendly laughter and praises from the oppressed
    As a Country, we abandoned all other natural resources for oil exploration as a sole
    dependency for enriching the purse of government for citizens bene5ts, but the oil
    has presently become worthless with current realities of oil price, we still depend
    on foreign touch to re5ne our crudes for local usage, this misdemeanour has
    turned our assets to liabilities as an oil producing Country that regulates the pump
    price of petrol at an exorbitant value due to non-functionalities of re5neries and
    In an era of moral bankruptcy like this, it is di#cult to gauge sincerity of purpose, if
    not, one would have concluded that the tension that enveloped the Country a year
    ago over the general election was premised on the determinations of Nigerians for
    good governance aimed at translating to better lives for citizens, but recent events
    painted most Nigerians as political hustlers seeking assess to power for pecuniary
    Most Nigerians seems caught in the web of self-interest as the tone of ethnics,
    religions, political parties and groups interest echo in utterances and actions of
    Country-Men. Instead of uniting as Nigerians to 5nd reasonable solutions to our
    enormous problems, the bene5ciaries of the looted treasury still enjoys the
    protection of laws to enjoy their loot while the rest of the people wallow in hunger
    and su3erings.
  • A government is formed to manage the a3airs of the people and protect their
    general interest and the failure of any government either at peace or in war to
    ful5ll her basic responsibilities on the people, there must be no unholy friendship
    with that government. The present administration must clearly deviate from the
    trend of previous administrations that recruited unscrupulous dupes as think tank
    as they mismanaged the a3airs of the Country.
    The implications of having unscrupulous dupes as think tank and executors of
    government policies are the shocking revelations of 5nancial recklessness and
    corrupt practices of the last administration. The whole system was compromised
    by the last administration and most of the key actors that ruined the Country still
    hold sway in the Security Agencies, Academics, Civil Societies, Private Sector,
    Ministries and Agencies, it then behooves on the present administration to sustain
    that tempo and becomes demonized in due cause or link appropriately with the
    society to seek direction from the thought of a common man and not power
    The present administration is yet to impress the masses on their aspirations that
    led to the change of government, no excuse is genuine enough to justify the slow
    performance of this administration as none of the inherited liabilities of previous
    administration remain unsolved and the heat is very intense on a common man
    with expectation of a better state of living under this administration.
    When a Country is stranded, the economy will continue to worsen until citizens 5nd
    the common sense to strategize and act productively to abate the economic woes
    that befalls them, else the Country is doomed to collapse and government labeled
    as irresponsible.
    Assuming Nigeria is a new Country that inherited all these liabilities from a Colony,
    should we consider all the human and natural resources inherent in this Country as
    a waste that cannot clear our de5cits and set positive cause of actions within the
    shortest possible period, we really need to shun self-aggrandizements and division
    at this material time and think outside the box of political partisanship to foster
    immediate and lasting economic growth and national development.
    Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola
    National Coordinator,
    Mass Action for Good Governance and Grassroots Development in Nigeria
  • E-mail: massaction4gg@gmail.com 08032813279

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