3 Low-tech Valentine Hacks

Source: Jovago.com

Technology has been helpful in almost all spheres because it is a convenient way of doing things. However, do you know that technology can also get in the way when you are having fun with that special one on valentine’s day? To keep your gadgets from ruining your date, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some hacks where technology will play little or no role.

Do not Skype date
Technology may have introduced cheap ways to communicate with your partner via Skype, WhatsApp and Snapchat, but it has also made so many couples distant. Don’t you ever get tired?

With Valentine’s day is around the corner, it help your relationship if you can take a break from Skype and meet physically - you are even lucky that this year’s Val's day falls on a weekend.

Mobile free dinner
This may be an impossible task for some people but before the arrival of Social Media, people went on dates without taking a single picture, rather, they would have a standby cameraman just take one or two snapshots and continue with their meals.

Today, even before anyone of them sits down, they are already posing to take pictures of the food and hair. With this kind of date, people never get to know anything about each other. Perhaps, it should be tagged a ‘Pictodate’. To keep this from being you, turn off your phones when you get to the table.

Play a Board Game
You have been reliant on technology for so long, that you’ve completely forgotten how to act when it’s all taken away from you. Long before Facebook ruled your social life, board games acted as a crazy kind of analogue software. Couples play games like scrabble and monopoly. This board game reveals so many things about the partners like how they will respond to being defeat. You can never get this emotion from technology.