BNYL Congress Outline Of Events

By Biafra National Youth League (BNYL)

Place of event: Ikom
State: Cross River State
Venue: Yet to be decided
Date: 27th February, 2016.
Time: 12pm.
1. Arrival of members of the National Executive Council

2. Arrival of groups representatives
3. Opening prayers (English and Ekoi languages).
4. A minute silence for our past freedom fighters.
5. Biafra National Anthem
6. Presentation/Breaking of Kola nut (to depict the Biafran Culture)

7. Opening Address by the BNYL Deputy President.
8. Welcome address by the BNYL Coordinator of Cross River State.

9. Keynote address by the group Director of Orientation

10. Declaration of Alliance by the representative of RUFASCA-Ambazonia (Southern Cameroon).

11. Address by the Regional Coordinator of Niger Delta and other NEC members.

12. Goodwill Messages from various groups.
13. Official Raising of the Biafran and Israeli flags

14. The Ikom Declaration by the President of BNYL.
15. Elderly advise by War Veterans
16. Closing remarks by the Youth President of Ekukunela.

17. Announcement
18. Closing prayers (Ijaw language)
19. Biafra National Anthem