R/S APC Members Not Decamping To PDP...Ignore Charlatanic Propaganda By Obuah And Needam

By APC Rivers

The attention of the Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has been drawn to a spate of crass propaganda being churned out from the charlatanic stable of the PDP Chairman in Rivers state, Bro Felix Obuah and his media assistant, Jerry Needam falsely claiming that APC members are set to decamp to the PDP in Rivers State.

The APC is not surprised at the level of puerile lies being thrown into public space by a bunch of fellows who are yet to understand that the propaganda train has since left the primitive station where they sadly find themselves languishing.

The most important reason why no APC member will ever join the PDP in Rivers State remains that the leadership of the PDP have blood on their hands. To dine and drink with such characters, no matter the compelling reasons, will amount to sharing in the toga of guilt that is still hanging on their necks. PDP leaders know this.

Another reason no genuine member of APC will join the PDP is that APC members do not worship money or ready to dine with the devil irrespective of how long the spoon may be. It is important to remind the PDP that APC remains the party in power at the federal level and that is instructive.

Again, it is pertinent to sound a reminder to the PDP that it is adherence to principles and values that led to the mass movement of our members into the APC in the first place and we still uphold and cherish those principles and values. We will never trade them away for a pot of porridge.

The PDP should start cracking their brains on how to carry along the insatiable and greedy bunch in their fold. We are convinced that with Abuja beyond the reach of Rivers PDP, it is only a matter of time before the bubble bursts. A fight over the spoil of office by the PDP in Rivers State is a waiting time bomb. It is not whether or how the cookie will crumble, it is when it will crumble. Therefore, APC members are quite aware that the State resources will be unable to cater for the obscenely insatiable appetite of the characters in the PDP fold and therefore will never consider joining the PDP for any reason. That will amount to moving from hope to hopelessness.

The APC has also observed that Bro Felix Obuah, through his media assistant Jerry Needam, released a statement accusing the 2015 Governorship Candidate of the APC in Rivers State, Dr. Dakuku Peterside of making inciting statement at an APC stakeholders’ meeting last Saturday. This accusation flies in the face as Dr. Dakuku Peterside does not engage in use of incendiary language and this is evident in his statement reacting to the Supreme Court judgment of last Wednesday. Felix Obuah and Jerry Needam were probably sleepwalking at the time they made their unfounded allegations. If they have properly woken up then they may seek for the statement made by Dr. Dakuku Peterside at the said meeting.

For the avoidance of doubt, the APC wishes to state that Dr. Dakuku Peterside shows comportment, grasp and decency in his choice of words at all times. Felix Obuah should know that those who spew inciting words dwell in his party.

The APC is aware that the PDP Chairman and his media assistant enjoy engaging in tale-by-moonlight propaganda that belongs to the 18th Century. We wish them good luck in their journey back to the Stone Age.

Chris Finebone
State Publicity Secretary
Mon, February 1, 2016