Genevieve: A toast to Resilience


Genevieve Nnaji, star actress, is definitely one of the toasts of the fast growing Nollywood- Nigeria's movie sensation. And she has all the trappings of a big time star: big bucks, fashionable dresses, fans and great looks.
But she seems more than anything else, to epitomize the very concept of RESILIENCE. For one who has had a not-too- delightful past, her resolve to rise above her situation to realise her full potentials, is commendable. Also, at a time when popular artistes are still smarting from the ban placed on them by all-powerful movie marketers, she has meandered her way into another career option: music. She is currently involved in a musical deal with EKB/PSI, a Ghanaian recording company and her album is expected to be out soon. About this time too she is hitting a modeling deal, The Face of Lux which has reportedly fetched her $75, 000 in South Africa.
Genevieve, ever so confident and self conscious, seems now to be extending her tentacles beyond the country. For example, she recently 'stormed' a school in Ghana during one of her trips for a 'flesh and blood' meeting with one of her numerous fans- Grace Frimpong, a 14 year-old, JSS 1 student of St. Lawrence Primary School in Accra. She also gave an impromptu motivational talk to the school. Besides Ghana, Genevieve has fans in African countries such as Liberia, Gambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa and other Western countries where Nigerian home movies are quite popular.
An honest advice to Nigerian youths: don't just be taken away by Genevieve's charms or acting dexterity- learn also from her resilient spirit.