An Open Letter To President Buhari And Vice President Osinbajo

By Abitunde Taiwo

Please ask Nigerians worldwide for the financial sacrifice needed to provide the funds needed for the infrastructure investments required for the socio-economic development of the nation.

You can get these funds by instituting an infrastructure development

tax of between 1% and 5% of the incomes of Nigerians worldwide.

Since 50 million enterprising Nigerians at home and abroad earn the

equivalent of over $500 billion US dollars annually, you can raise

between $5 billion US dollars and $25 billion US dollars, or between

N1 trillion naira and N10 trillion naira approximately through this.

An infrastructure development tax will provide Nigerians an

opportunity to redefine Nigeria to the world in a better light and

encourage international investors to take the country more seriously.

Citizens of other nations pay for the socio-economic development of

their nations. So should Nigerians. The corruption of some people is

not an excuse for an indifference of other Nigerians to the

amelioration of the sufferings of millions of their fellow citizens

that the sacrificial provisioning of funds for investment in

infrastructures will bring.
Infrastructure projects for preventive surveillance security, social

security, education, health care, roads bridges, dams, agriculture,

works, housing, power, road and rail networks, waterways,

telecommunications, ports, etc, cost so much money.

Rather than borrow money at high interest rates and plunge Nigeria

into a deeper debilitating debt, or worse, into bankruptcy, if the

prevailing trend of plunging oil price persists, or burden the next

generation with astronomical debt, why not "borrow" this money for

free from Nigerians worldwide through this infrastructure development

Also, in the process of investment in Nigeria via this infrastructure

tax, if adopted, Nigerians will become more involved in nation

building and develop a greater sense of patriotism and unity, and

especially so, if the infrastructure projects are spread nationwide.

The infrastructure tax that Nigerians at home and abroad pay will

supplement the funds for infrastructures provisioned in the 2016

budget and ensure a robust funding level for infrastructure projects

nationwide needed for the socio-economic development of the country

and the uplifting of millions of Nigerians from abject poverty and

If you accept my proposal, please set up an Infrastructure Oversight

Committee of competent and hardworking people of unassailable

character and integrity who reflect the diversity of the country. This

committee should be headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

If constituted, the Infrastructure Oversight Committee can create a

comprehensive web portal that show projects nationwide being funded to

promote visibility, transparency, and to encourage mass participation,

and the website should allow for a secure and flexible online payment

of the infrastructure tax on a weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly,

or yearly basis.
Thank you very much, your Excellencies, for your kind consideration of

my proposal and your leadership in these challenging times.

Abitunde Taiwo
[email protected]

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