5 Tips To Manage Roaches In A Rental Car

Source: Jovago.com

Many people prefer renting cars to using taxi cabs or public transport systems as it gives them freedom and flexibility when traveling. But while a rental car allows flexibility on a trip, it can sometimes add a measure of complications to the journey – like finding out the car is infested with roaches and the company is unwilling to take responsibility.

Cockroaches are one of the most popular disease carrying pests. They leave saliva and excrement which can cause dysentery, diarrhea and is are threat to childhood asthma. The fact that they are ubiquitous in nature and very resilient is no help either as it makes getting rid of them almost impossible, however, Jovago.co, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site offers 5 tips to manage roaches in a rental car.


The first step to make the moment you find out your car is ridden with roaches is to fumigate. You can do this by dusting the interior with boric acid powder, using other insecticides or employing an exterminator to handle the process. It is less tedious and more economical to use the boric acid powder though, you just need to make sure you apply the powder in every nook and cranny.

Park in clean surroundings
Sometimes the rental company is not responsible for the roach infestation. Most times, insects find their way into the vehicle through holes and crevices under car and through the engine, so, it is important to watch where you park the car while using it. Avoid parking next to dust bins or refuse dumps, local market places, and generally areas with unclean environment.


Do not eat in the car
Have you ever been in a car, and the moment you start to eat maybe a wrap of Sharwarma or a burger, roaches start to pop out from every corner?

Roaches may be blind, but their sense of smell is sharp, and they are attracted to the smell of food. Wherever food and water are easy to find, roaches will invite themselves to lunch. So, the best way to cancel their reservations and get rid of them is by adopting a ‘no-food-in-the-car” policy.

Use the AC
Unknown to a lot of people, cockroaches prefer warm environments or places with hot air. They barely survive in cold room temperatures. So, in cases where you find your car being occupied by these vermin, you maybe want to use your air conditioner to expel them – especially at nights, as the cockroaches are nocturnal and naturally prefer to roam about at night.


Set sticky traps
This is a cleaner and less laborious way to get rid of the roaches. Insects like to congregate in dark corners within the car and these are areas sticky traps can reach.

These traps help you accomplish two things. First, you are able to get a better look at the species of roaches that have infested your car, that way you can identify how best to get rid of them. And second, you get an idea which parts of the car are “high traffic” areas are for the cockroaches and vacuum these places often.