3 Key Reasons Nigerian Airlines Should Offer Inflight WiFi

Source: Jovago.com

WiFi connections are the best! They do not only give you instant access to the World Wide Web no matter where you are, they give the freedom to move around homes and offices while staying productive. Although Nigerians were not among the first to embrace this wonderful gift given to the world by technology, they are totally in love with the ease this service brings. Most of them therefore find it disappointing that they are deprived of connectivity at local airports and on board airplanes.

Nigerian airlines have been slow to provide this amenity -internet access- featured on more flights around the world these days. While the major argument has been thatairplanes can be hacked through on-board WiFi internet service, there are other reason why connectivity at 30,000 feet can be even more benefiting to the airlines who are willing to offer them. Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site offers 3 key reason why Nigerian airlines should offer inflight wifi.


A means to gain extra revenue
An airline stands a chance to boost its revenue by incorporating inflight WiFi. In Nigeria, WiFi is not free as it is in some other parts of the world, so the fliers already have they orientation that they would have to pay extra for the service.

With a pricing scheme based on the connection speed and even the kind of device that you want to connect, airlines can gain as an added source of income and consequently increase its revenue. In the case where the airline cannot handle the cost of setting up such a service, they can outsource to an inflight internet provider company and take a cut from the charge. Either way, they make extra revenue. Passengers will definitely patronize a brand that ensures internet is delivered directly to their devices via on-board WiFi hotspots.

Brand building and recognition
Air travel in Nigerian has, for many years, been basically a phone-free zone and equally an internet-free zone. However, from local flights within the US and International long haul flights WiFi is now accessible on airlines around the world. For a Nigerian airline, incorporating in-flight WiFi will be a huge plus to its brand and will lead to not just increased enterprise but major brand recognition as well.

A means to lure in fliers
A major problem for Nigerians who travel by air is the discomfort that comes from cramped seating and boredom that sets in after they have been instructed to switch off their phones for take-off. They have to deal with the dreariness of staying idle till they get to their destination, only interrupted occasionally by the robotics announcements from the control room and a request by air hosts to buy refreshments. Aside from in-flight magazines, there are really not entertained in anyway. The notion of accessing the Internet while mid-flight is a sure way to relieve some in-flight boredom and discomfort, and certainly a key way to lure in more passengers.

Also, today, connectivity is very important to travelers. Travelers do not just want complain about a service or an incident to their neighbor, they want to be able to tweet about it, or Snapchat about it immediately, complete with pictures and video. Knowing they can do that on an airline ensures they patronize that airline. Again, a business traveller will prefer an airline where he has access to the internet as he can remain productive through the flight, while the regular vacationer will prefer to stay entertained checking out the different activities he can engage in once he get to his destination.