Usuofia in Cameroon

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Controversy over the real owner of Osuofia in Cameroon, a new flick, acted in Cameroon, has pitched two prominent actors, Nkem Owoh and Emeka Uhegbu against each other.

According to Uhegbu, a film producer, director and actor based in Aba, Abia State, on September 3, 2003, he entered into a contract with a Cameroon-based promotion/production company, Joe Walkie Foundation, to do a stage concert performance in Cameroon tagged "Osuofia and Sam Loco in Cameroon" with the member of his comedy group which included Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze. The concert was to be staged at six locations in Cameroon, namely Limbe, Kumba, Beau, Bamenda, Douala and Yaounde.

Acting as Joe Walkie Foundation representatives in Nigeria, Uhegbu contracted Nkem Owoh, Iheme and Ikedieze for the concert at a fee of N600,000.00, N4000,000 and N400,0000.00 respectively. Uhegbu allegedly paid Owoh the sum of N400,000,00 and also bought Cameroon Airline flight tickets for him and his crew. But before their departure to Cameroon, Owoh told Uhegbu that Iheme and Ikedieze could not make the trip due to their other engagements in the shooting of other films in Nigeria at the time. Uhegbu allegedly told Owoh that their contractual agreement would therefore be reviewed in Cameroon since the original agreement was entered into with Iheme and Ikedieze as part of the group.

In Cameroon, the contract was allegedly reviewed and Prince Joseph Walkie Isaac Njia, the CEO of Joe Walkie Foundation, paid Owoh his new balance. Some how it appeared Owoh was not comfortable with the renegotiation of the contract as he disappeared mid way into the show. He failed to turn up in Douala and Yoaunde as stated in the contract. Owoh's disappearance forced Uhegbu to conclude the concert with only Sam Loco Efe in conjunction with some Cameroonian actors. But to his amazement, upon return to Nigeria, Uhegbu saw posters advertising the release of "Osuofia in Cameroon". He investigated and discovered that it was one Obed Joe Nwandu that was behind it. Uhegbu quickly contacted a lawyer and instructed him to go to court. However Owoh is allegedly threatening Uhegbu over the same film.