Top 5 Local Restaurants In Ikeja


Nigeria is home to a variety of local cuisines and while visiting Ikeja, Lagos, you would find that the city features a thriving scene for foods native to not just the Yoruba tribe that occupies the west, but dishes from other parts of the country as well.

You cannot say that you have truly experienced the city until you have had a taste of the vast variety of local delicacies offered by these restaurants. If you are in Ikeja and not sure where to patronize for the best experience,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal reveals the tops five spots for local foods in Ikeja .

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Yellow Chilli
An exquisite diner on Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Yellow Chilli is one of the best places to go for traditional Nigerian dishes.

Their menu features a wide range of authentic delicacies from different parts of the country, including signature meals such as their Jollof Fiesta, the seafood Okra and Prawn made with fresh ingredients with lots of herbs.

The unique thing about this restaurant is that their dishes always has a modern twist and the presentation is superb. The main floor seats 170 persons in multi-level sections, including an exclusive private dining room for 20 persons. There are also 2 bars which offer beverages to compliment each meal. Yellow Chilli opens its doors at 12 noon and closes midnight per day.

Unlike some of the more upscale, fine-dining options to be found in Ikeja, Rodizzio offers a lively, pub atmosphere with cozy interior and busy tables.

A trendy restaurant with a 3-step program for favourite meals – Full Rodizzio and Rodizzio Seafood Plus, the restaurant is an ideal option for diners who do not wish to compromise on taste and quality.

From the buffet to the unlimited BBQ and Canivore, each menu offers a wide range of Nigerian food to die for. The restaurant is located at 29, Isaac John Street, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Pool Terrace
Pool Terrace Bar has two outstanding features which win it a firm place on this list. The first is its team: the staff are very attentive and polite. The second is its location: the restaurant is set within the popular Sheraton Lagos Hotel, decorated beautifully with the perfect ambiance for a wonderful gastronomic experience. The menu comprises mostly of traditional Nigerian dishes with a twist, all a la carte.

Mama Cass Restaurants
A quick service restaurant with over 30 years of experience, Mama Cass is a favorite amongst the locals in Lagos. The cuisine is typically Nigerian, offering a large selection of hearty, meat-based dishes, which are presented and served in an elegant manner.

The restaurant also offers a range of pastries and cakes, making it an ideal hangout spot for students and those seeking to expand their culinary experiences. The interior of the restaurant has an impressive yet comfortable ambience, and is perfect for families who want to grab a quick meal. Food here is quite affordable and tasty.


Jevenik Restuarant
Jevenik stands out among the other great local food restaurants in Ikeja for the excellent quantity of its food and great taste. The restaurant only offers a small menu, but each dish is carefully prepared in the traditional manner.

While there are other branches in other parts of the city, the Ikeja hub stands tall. This location boasts of a VIP section and the building itself houses a conference centre. The staff are well trained and the food is quite affordable. Jevenik is a must-visit for anyone desiring a true sampling of Nigerian cuisine with a local feel.