5 Small Shopping Habits That Will Help You Cut Cost

Source: Jovago.com

Shopping has been simplified for many Nigerians as there are both online and offline stalls to patronize around the country and shoppers are spoiled for choices. As many of these malls spring up, it is important to keep your wallet in check when you decide to buy something new for yourself.

There are some interesting shopping habits which you can pick up to help you cut down on shopping expenses and Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal role out some of these smart habits to keep your account in blue.

Take out only needed cash for shopping
When some shoppers step into the mall they immediately remember other groceries they forgot to include in their shopping list. It is like recovering from a memory loss, they recall everything in a flash. But wait a second, should you start buying everything that pops into your memory? The answer is ‘No’. It is therefore, important to only take the estimated cash to the mall and ensure that you stick to your list. If possible, leave your ATM at home as well.

Buy quality products
Many Nigerians prefer cheap and inexpensive products, one of the reasons being that a product being expensive doesn’t mean it is up to standard. No matter the side of the divide you belong, it is advisable and safe to always purchase quality products as they are durable and long lasting. With quality products, you do not need to visit the mall every month to replace an electric appliance you recently bought.

Navigate between least and most expensive malls

Rather than getting stuck to one particular stall. You can navigate between stalls. For example, visit a discount store one week and the next, go all out to shop at the Ikeja Shopping Mall. It is like a pendulum. Seeing the wide array of products and price ranges will give you a reality check and help you cut cost.

Leave your kids at home
Kids are normally restless when you take them out let alone taking them to the mall. The shopping out will be all about ‘mummy buy me this, daddy buy me that’. If you do not want this, you can promise to get them ‘something’ at the mall. On your part, ensure that you keep your promise. In addition, this doesn’t mean you have to keep the children at home on every occasion or outing.