Microsoft Nigeria Headlines Nigerian Institute Of Journalism Monthly Professional Forum

By Regina Whenu

In a bid to emphasize its unending commitment to empower every organization and individual on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft Nigeria recently headlined the monthly Professional Forum of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), where the technology giant showcased how the digital space is evolving information dissemination across the world.

The objective of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism’s Professional Forum is to enlighten and educate not only students but lecturers, on new trends, customer and market insights within their industry, in the country and across the globe. The January edition focused on the evolution of the digital and how it relates to journalism.

Speaking on the topic “Digital Media as a tool for Communication”, The Head, Marketing and Brand Communications, Microsoft Nigeria, Edmond Idokoko noted that the demand for multifaceted technology is on the increase, giving rise to more advanced technology to meet the insatiable needs of consumers.

Idokoko added that, “The fact that traffic on a portal can be over 2million people, doing different things and the portal does not crash is the real deal. The web has become so complex that it can attend to so much that you have to use it as part of your everyday life. This means we need to adapt to the changed environment and improved technology to be relevant.”

In reviewing the media landscape, he added that: “We should know that the volume of information sources has increased, that is, everybody publishes online, therefore to be relevant, Journalism needs to evolve from being a product to a service.”

Commenting on the forum, Provost, Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Gbemiga Ogunleye expressed his delight towards what he believed was the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership with Microsoft.

Ogunleye noted that, “We are in a different world now. Therefore, to be successful, one has to do things in a different manner and think differently. All of these we have identified in Microsoft”.

Microsoft focuses its resources on creating business opportunities in communities, and in the fulfillment of its commitment to make a positive impact on the world through innovative technologies, partnerships, giving programs and community outreaches.