How To win One Million, Dubai Trip In Red Hot Promo

By Niyi Abiola

Do you know you can be one of the sixty Nigerians to win One Million Naira or an all-expense paid trip to Dubai in the Red Hot promo?

On a daily basis, Airtel Nigeria is giving out One Million Naira, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, smart phones and free airtime through the daily draws in the Red Hot Promo.

To participate and win in the promo, you need to accumulate points to increase your chances of winning. To earn point you can recharge your line, buy any TalkMore bundle, buy any data bundles, register for Access Money or even call141 (MAMO).

For instance, airtime recharge between N100 - N199 will give a customer one point, while N200 – N499 recharge will earn a customer 3 points. A recharge between N500 - N999 will give customer 10 points, while N1000 – 4999 will get customer 25 points.

To get 60 points, customers need airtime recharge of N5000 and above. Bundle subscriptions such as Talkmore, Premier Connect, data bundle, Android bundle, SMS bundle, International or Roaming bundle gets 10 points each.

With just Access Money Registration or MAMO fulfillment of bundles, a customer can score 20 points, while a transaction on Access Money, MAMO call in, use of extra credit or Value Added Subscriptions like Magic Voice, Airtel Radio earns a subscriber 10 points each.

To check the points earned, just send POINTS as text to 576. The points scored by customers are accumulated throughout the promo.

The Airtel Red Hot Promo, which runs from the 4th of December 2015 to the 1st of February 2016, is open to all customers.