France promises visa for Nigerian entrepreneurs

By The Citizen
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France has pledged to ease visa processes to make it possible for more Nigerian entrepreneurs to travel to the country to establish business outfits.

The Consul General of the French Embassy in Lagos, Mr. Laurent Polonceaux, made the pledge on Tuesday at a press briefing organised by the Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss the upcoming French Week.

Polonceaux observed that easing visa processes for Nigerian businessmen would reinforce the trade relationship between both countries, adding that people with legitimate businesses in France would have less challenges with visa.

'We will do all we can to facilitate trade relationship between Nigeria and France to make it easier to go to France for Nigerian people having the desire to go to France to do business,' he stated.

The Economic Consul of France, Mr. Francis Widmer, said the embassy had a section called 'Business France', which is meant to promote business between his country and Nigeria as well as a complete economic, commercial and development finance team committed to supporting Nigerian companies with loans and equity contributions.

'We have also initiated a programme to attract investors to France. We already have about 50 companies visiting Nigeria to network with Nigerian businesses in the same line.'