5 Appealing Reasons To Patronize Mama Put

Source: Jovago.com

5 appealing reasons to patronize Mama put
Dressed to the nines, many people troop to ‘mama put’ joints scattered around the city of Lagos all day long. Although first-time visitors to Lagos may be surprised why many of these outlets have so much patronage but the lavish and extravagant display of meals such as amala, eba, semo to rice, beans and salad gives every hungry person cause to salivate at the appealing sight. If you have an aversion for mama put, perhaps these 5 reasons presented by Jovago.com , Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal will convince you to visit one of them soon.

mama put

Finger licking meals
When you visit a mama put vendor, you will be amazed at the number of people jostling for plate to buy food on a daily basis. This is the level of acceptance of mama put in Lagos which has existed long before the arrival of fast food. Fast food restaurants are an offshoot of mama put. The food is sumptuous.

This is arguably the major reason why many Nigerians relish mama put. In terms of prices, small-scale food canteen is quite inexpensive when compared with the fast food restaurants. The food you will buy for N500 can be used to buy twice of the same food at mama put. Note that, do not allow this to scaffold you into patronizing any mama put restaurant. Ensure that the one you visit is neat and food prepared in a clean environment.

Experience ethnic cuisine
If you want to eat a proper traditional meal, mama put is your best bet. You will be astonished to hear that friends drive long distances to a particular mama put outlet recommended by a friend or colleague to eat.


You can get carried away by the various cuisines available at Mama put. There is assorted meat that have been branded like the goat meat, cow meat, liver, roundabout, beef, fish and the beloved ‘pomo’. Then to different swallows, amala, eba, semo, and fufu coupled with other delicious meals. You are spoiled for choices.

The popularity of mama put has made government environmental agencies to beam their searchlight on them. They are closely monitored to ensure they adhere strictly to hygienic rules and regulation. Thus, the perception that mama put outlets are not hygienic is declining.