APC Change Is Bitter—Senator Alimikhena

By Benjamin Atu

The Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Francis Alimikhena has said, the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has kept faith with its transformation and change agenda. Alimikhena who spoke at the end of Year Celebration organize in his honour by the Usagbe club in Agenebode said the criticism of the Buhari administration is due to the change from lies to truth.

The truth is always bitter therefore, the APC change cannot be sweet. We are changing from deceit to truth; from what it was to what it ought to be. The deputy chief whip carpeted the People Democratic Party (PDP) saying the PDP has no internal leadership and should not expect the Buhari administration to build on their faulty foundation which has kept the nation in the dark since 1999.

To some Nigerians, the APC change is a bitter change because the change has reduced the level of criminal consciousness in the society. He said, those whom the change did not favor refer to the change as a bitter change. No matter how bitter this change may be, we must endure it as a nation. The 2016 National budget which is at the National Assembly is targeted at deepening our effort to diversify our economy. The budget has also guarantee that the instability in the oil price does not affect our development plans and economic stability.

The APC administration is safeguarding the nation to ensure stability in the value of the naira as well as build and maintain a healthy external reserve and give foreign investors the clarity and certainty that they need to guide future investment decision. A new nation is being born because of the change agenda that is currently in the air.

Senator Alimikhena assures that with the passage of the 2016 Budget, Nigerians have many things to hope about. We shall soon start to experience good road networks, restoration of infrastructure, rehabilitation and reinvigoration of abandoned government buildings rail transportation, aviation reforms and other proper upgrade, power sector reforms, education, agriculture, medical and good health services. He blamed the dwindling economic fortune on the failure of the People’s Democratic Party in developing other sector of the economic apart from oil. The Buhari administration will explore other critical sector like rubber, palm oil, gold, diamond, fish, and other Agricultural produced in order to restore the past glory of the nation in food production.

According to him, In 2016, Buhari will implement his full campaign promises stressing that the last presidential media chat was to enable the Buhari government to explain itself to the electorate and also get a feedback from the public. The APC has put appropriate machinery in place that will help to checkmate the independent of the three arms of government as well as closely monitor the full implementation of appropriate measure to checkmate insecurity, poverty and overhauling of hailing sector of the economy. There is so much to be hopeful about in 2016. The Buhari administration would pursue a more aggressive, focused and people oriented policies for the overall interest of the masses and best job creation. As Nigerians, we must be ready to sacrifice to fast track our level of development.

While assuring the people of Edo North of ongoing effort to re-position hailing industry by encouraging more private investment and government agencies to take advantage of the cement deposit in Edo North as well as other natural resources that are laying fallow in the area. He promised to explore all available channels to engage the Edo North youth in productive activity and improving upon the ongoing youth empowerment program which has help more than one Hundred and fifty Edo North youth to secure employment. Alimikhena assure that 2016 will be a record breaking year for Edo North. Divers’ manifestation of democratic dividend shall be evidence in every household through purposeful leadership.

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