Insurgency: Our Children Who Joined Boko Haram Are Now Killing Us In Madagali—Mr Richard

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Madagali LGA head of civil service Mr Richard Jesman exposed that the intermittently surfaces of Boko Haram in the borders areas of Madagali and environs is as a results of many sons and daughters of the area that have joint Boko Haram and now returning back and attacking the area.

Mr Richard while shedding more light on the recent attacks by Boko Haram in Yola said:

"The defunct Boko Haram are no more much in operation the way they use to be because of how they have been disjointed and displaced, the recent killings of 7 people and setting ablaze 10 Houses of notable people in the area was discovered been done by our own children who joint Boko Haram group".

He continue to say that the incessant attacks in the area is as a result of how Madagali is strategically located as it is sharing common borders with Borno and Sambisa forest and is only their children that know the terrain more than the military men stationed in that area.

When asked whether they can pin point those doing the havoc among their children, Jesman revealed that in the last attack a Boy came back from their hidden camp and threatened to kill his Father after killing many people in a village called Kirchinga. His Father ran and the Boy set their House on fire.

While confirm the incident, the member representing Madagali Constituency in the Adamawa House of Assembly, Hon. Emmanuel Tsandu added that: The vigilantee and local hunters seems to work more than the military in the area is all because they are very much conversant with the terrain than the Nigerian soldiers.

He is calling on Government and well meaning Nigerian to have an immediate help to the people of Madagali as is only the remaining LGA in Adamawa that is experiencing Boko Haram in recent days.