An Open Epistle To His Excellency Henry Seriake Dickson Executive Governor Of Bayelsa State

By Comrade D Preye

Our Dear Governor Dickson,
Like thousands of friends and associates both within and across the country I want to say congratulations on your victory in the just concluded governorship elections which I consider the first governorship election in the history of our state.(because non has ever been close to the one) in terms of everything, right from the pre - campaign to the inconclusive and final supplementary elections.

Yes it wasn't an easy one because for once, it was not about some group of "elite kingmakers" deciding the selection process and anointment formalities and strategically /systematically forcing on the people to manage and condoned like they've got no choice, but this time around the various campaigns trains went down to the villages and creeks and the people being the true deciding factor featured prominently in the how, who and why a particular candidate should emerge as their governor.

Despite the many negative reportage that characterised the entire electoral processes with various malpractices, from financial inducement to violence and even Killings, the people felt the importance of their role in deciding who occupies Creek Haven this time and so even in the face of threats and even shootings in the creeks, the people still came out both young and old, women and men, they stood their grounds, queue up and decided who they wanted with their thumps.

Many fell victims even as some ended up as casualties, murdered /killed irrespective of the causes and misgivings from the perpetrators of the evil acts, the people showed the world how courageous they are as ijaws and how they can face even danger when they really wants to mean a thing.(As Izons)

And that's why at this point I will say Mr Governor Sir "Please don't disappoint the souls of those we've lost in the course of this election and never let down the confidence of all the people that voted for you across the state" because everyone of them are casualties of the wounds already inflicted on the state through the various loses of lives.

Without police or military securities like yourself our poor villagers and people paddled their canoes to the various polling boots and units inside the creeks just to make sure they vote.

Just before I forget to round this up please i want to advice that in no circumstances should there be a divide or preference attention in your prospective dealings with any part of the state (please don't play the preferred constituencies politics) because everyone played their role including those that voted for the opposition.

Everybody in the state should be carried along as much as possible even as you double your efforts to BETTER the Lives of our people and transforming our state thereby making her attain that desired height as the true Glory of all lands.

Dear contriman governor sir (just as you are fondly called) please do well to play the role of a people's leader and not a Ruler this time around.

I urge you to serve our people BETTER irrespective of STATUS, in all sincerity and faithfully, no more government of pleasing some political elites and elders because it's the poor people that sacrificed for the victory you are celebrating today.

#CONSIDER your re-election as a test to know if truly you can and will keep to your words and promises as a Worthy izon man who has being given another chance to prove critics wrong and also prepared to write his name in gold as history and posterity has already started keeping it's record and would judge accordingly, you've being given another chance to set the pace for aspiring ijaw leaders who would never be forgotten like Isaac Adaka Boko and Melford Okilo.

Don't forget that this second term will in one way or the other determine the continuous followership of your personality and party both in the state and region.

Try as much as you can not to create room for the people to regret supporting and voting for you, your excellency, don't give us the impression that this victory was just a mere political exercise and so can be taken forgranted without recourse for the prices paid for it.

Don't give room for people to start clamouring for an alternative mandate because definitely your performance and disposition towards the people and state this second term will equally determine the attention and disposition you and your party will get in future elections be it national, state or local.

And please, try as much as possible to heal the wounds of those affected (even those that lost their love once), healing their wounds will mark the starting point for true reconciliation and bonding /trust in your new leadership and governance.

As we all join hands together in making Bayelsa our great State BETTER than it is right Now.

I want to wish you well and specifically dedicate this victory to the people who came out even in the volatile creeks, faced the threats and actual violent acts to cast their votes.

Congratulations to all Bayelsans.
#Long Live the Good People of Our Great Bayelsa State.

#Long Live Our Great Glory of All Lands, Bayelsa State.

#Long Live Our Great Izon Nations.
#Long Live Me the Writer of this Piece... Aaaaaaa DoOoooh..!!!!!!!!

Comrade DPreye Joseph
[email protected]
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