Failed Promises: Isoko Vanguard  Asks Buhari To Resign

By Ekomeko Gilead
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A political pressure group in Niger delta, the isoko vanguard for change has called on president Muhammad buhari to resign for his insincerity and inability to check the crisis in the petroleum industry.

Making the call yesterday in Port Harcourt, the rivers state capital, the spokes person of isoko vanguard comrade Gilead EkomekoOmoha said in spite the promises made by the president over the hike in petroleum products and its attendant scarcity, Nigeria have continued to suffer under hardship.

Omoha said it amounts to failure of Buhari’s government for not making petroleum products available in the country inspite of the fact that the nation has huge deposit of crude oil, being the 6th largest producer of crude in the world.

The spokesman said that Buhari has made series of failed promises to innocent Nigerians that stability will return in the sector.

But what do we have today? Months of hardship on a product that is hugely deposited in the country’’.

Describing it as ineptitude, abysinal failure and great disappointment, he noted that while Buhari claims to be minister of petroleum, heartless cabal has hijacked the petroleum sector.

Omoha said the claimed reduction of petroleum pump price from 87.00 naira to 86.50 naira per litre was a huge joke as the reduction is shamefully insignificant, adding that even at the claimed reduction, prices of petrol still sell as high as 140 naira and above per a litre in the filling stations across the nation.

The group equally termed Buhari as a leader without foresight who has lost sense of calculation and urged the president to immediately resign also as petroleum minister.

He wondered why inspite of many experienced Nigerians who can man the petroleum ministry, a man as busy as a president should concern to himself the position of petroleum minister and described it as Buhari’s greed for power.

The group further expressed the increment on electricity tariff in the country as pure mark of insensitivity of Buhari’s administration to the suffering of poor Nigerians who were paying from their nose for epileptic electricity supply.

‘’Buhari should summon the courage to explain to Nigerians the basis for increasing electricity tariff in Nigeria at this period if actually he has the interest of the nation at heart.

‘’Is it that electricity has improved? Is it that the distribution companies have improved on sectional infrastructure? Is it that poor consumers have been provided meters? Is it that we also lack gas in the country? He asked.

The government of Buhari has lost touch with reality and has become helpless. Nigerians cannot continue to wallow in abject poverty and hardship in midst of abundant crude and gas resources. So the best is to ask him to resign.’’

He accused the president of lying severally to the citizens based on which he was voted in as president and also pointed out that inspite this bold claim of stopping Boko Haram insurgency in few month’s time, the bombs still booms and hundreds of helpless Nigerians were still dying in the hands of Boko Haram.

Gilead Ekomeko Omaha

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