United Anambra Youth Assembly (U-AYA) Ask PDP Factional State Chairman Ken Emeakayi Why Is He Advocating Anarchy And Blood-Shed In Anambra State?

By Anambra Times

Our attention has been drawn to an address presented by Ken Emeakayi on 4th January 2016 where he stated categorically that he is going to introduce anarchy, bloodshed and wanton destruction of lives and property of Ndi-Anambra if his sentimental and personal opinion is not respected by the Anambra State Government. We hereby condemn this Ken Emeakayi’s assertion/threats.

We in the United Anambra Youth Assembly (U-AYA) read the purported address/threat that emanated from the factional State PDP Chairman, Ken Emeakayi and describe it as a rotten egg which does not deserve to be used in welcoming Ndi-Anambra or even his factional party line-up to this New Year.

We therefore declare his threat to the government and peace loving people of Anambra State as uncultured, anti-democratic, uncivilized and unconstitutional. We sincerely doubt if Ken Emeakayi is really an indigene of Anambra State, to have wished the State such calamity and doom in the New Year.

The factional PDP Chairman Ken Emeakayi should take note of the fact that we have not forgotten in a hurry his antecedents in governance of Anambra State between 1999-2003. It is clear beyond doubt that during the above mentioned years Ken Emeakayi and his cohorts littered Anambra State with bloodshed of our innocent citizens with the introduction of bakassi boys. These bakassi boys butchered innocent youths and citizens in pretence that they are fighting crime until the killing of Barr. Barnabas Igwe and his pregnant wife in cold blood, even before then numerous innocent youths have gone beneath the earth. Our question to Ken Emeakayi is, “Are you trying to wish Ndi-Anambra a return to your dark era of 1999-2003”?

In the light of the above, we use this medium to urge Anambra State Government to set up a high powered probe panel to investigate the roles played by Ken Emeakayi in the killings of over 500 innocent citizens of Anambra State through bakassi boys jungle justice and the 1999-2003 abandoned road projects as a Commissioner for Works for instance the Omor-Umerum road in Ayamelum L.G.A, Fort Dike Road in Ihiala L.G.A etc which was commissioned without being completed. In the same vein, we urge the Anambra State House of Assembly Committee on Works to initiate a probe of Ken Emeakayi’s activities as Commissioner for Works from 1999-2003. We also call on the security agencies as a matter of urgency to investigate the phone calls and bank transactions of Ken Emeakayi to ascertain his level of involvement and culpability in the Dasuki Gate saga, knowing fully well that his mentor in the person of Olisa Metuh is already in the custody of the EFCC and that he (Olisah Metuh) also confirmed that his own share of the money was used in financing Anambra State PDP under Ken Emeakayi’s watch.

During the dark era of Ken Emeakayi’s involvement in governance of our dear State, the only job available to our fellow youths is thuggery/recruitment into the team of blood sucking demons like Bakassi.

It is worthy to note that today God has given us a good Governor that believes in training the youths and empowering them gainfully and profitably for the development of Anambra State.

However, one of the major reasons why PDP will continue to fail elections in Anambra State is because of the likes of ideologically bereft politicians such as Ken Emeakayi whose only stock-in-trade is blackmail and fanning of the embers of anarchy to overheat the polity. This is a man that orally demanded for One Hundred and Twenty Million Naira (N120,000,000) from the Governor to enable him collapse his factional structure of PDP into APGA during the 2015 General election and the Governor turned down his request. Obviously, this is one of the major reasons he resorted to overheating the polity in Anambra State.

It was during the era of Chief Ken Emeakayi in governance of Anambra State that pensioners were called “Dead woods” but today under Governor Willie Obiano’s watch, the same pensioners are all living souls that are promptly paid as at when due by our hardworking Governor.

Unfortunately, Ken Emeakayi have forgotten that his era in Anambra State held both primary and secondary school students back home for more than one year for not being able to pay the teachers’ salary whereas he (Ken Emeakayi) was junketing all over the world squandering our money frivolously. The same group of students your government denied access to basic education from 1999-2003 are now the ones you are begging to vote for your party, of which many of us here were harshly affected as at that time.

In Nigeria today, it is on record that Anambra is among the few States that is paying civil servants’ salaries with additional 15% salary increment notwithstanding the fact that Nigeria’s economy is in distress, the other commendable achievements of the Obiano’s administration includes security of lives and properties, infrastructural development, 2.4 billion dollar investment attraction, increment of the State Internally Generated Revenue from 500 million naira to 1.3 billion naira, clearance of the 1.9 billion naira salary arrears owed Water Corporation Board and ANSEPA workers by the previous administrations, the recent construction of 3 World-Class flyovers at Awka, the on-going construction of Orient Petroleum refinery access road with a bridge that has already crossed Omambala river to the up land, donation of His Excellency’s monthly salary to the less privilege and donation of over 25 American vehicles equipped with modern security gadgets etc. It is also worthy to note that Obiano’s administration educational policy has improved the educational performance of Anambra State students in National exams and other competitions in Nigeria. With all these glaring achievements, we thought it wise to ask Ken Emeakayi why he is bent on pre-empting the State Government’s yet to be made known intention over LG’s Chairmen tenure and administration in Anambra State.

To underscore Ken Emeakayi’s evil motive, he stated that the tenure of serving council Chairmen & Councillors will expire on 14thJanuary, 2016 whereas the government has not made any official pronouncement on that regard. Again, we are reliably informed that Ken Emeakayi have started collecting the sum of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,500,000.00) and Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) for chairmanship and councillorship aspirants respectively with the hope of using blackmail to coerce the State Government into doing his bidding on the LG election without considering the paucity of funds that is prevalent in most States in Nigeria including Anambra State. This clearly motivated his sentimental agitations to justify the huge sum of money running into over Three Hundred Million Naira (N300,000,000) he collected from aspirants even when he knew that he is just an ordinary factional chairman of PDP.

It is a known fact in the public domain that Anambra neighbouring States of Enugu, Ebonyi, Abia and Delta being governed by the PDP have no plan of conducting Local Government election in the near future and on this regard, we all know that you don’t go to equity with unclean hands, Ken Emeakayi as a member of PDP should first of all advise these other neighbouring States being governed by PDP to conduct local government election in their States before he will have the effrontery of casting aspersion on Governor Obiano’s led administration.

In view of the above stated facts and in consideration of the dwindling economic situation in the State today, we call on the Governor, His Excellency; Chief Dr. Willie Obiano and his team to consider any appropriate steps as regards LGA administration, because we are solidly in support of any idea that will be less cost intensive until he is ready for LG election.

No amount of threat/campaign of calumny from disgruntled and selfish politicians like Ken Emeakayi that is suffering from chronic diarrhoea of the mouth ailment, will distract the youths in their belief and support for the good vision and mission of the on-going administration which has started manifesting itself in all the nooks and crannies of the State.

United Anambra Youth Assembly (U-AYA) has called on INEC as an unbiased umpire to avoid causing problem in the forthcoming Anambra Central Senatorial Election by ensuring that the plan of PDP to hold primary for the forthcoming re-run election will be nipped in the bud because it is against the provisions of the electoral act, taking cognizance of the fact that the judgment of the Court of Appeal, Enugu Division has disqualified PDP from participating in the forthcoming re-run election.

We in the United Anambra Youth Assembly (U-AYA) regards Ken Emeakayi’s call on the Governor to resign as an ill-motivated statement emanating from a morally disqualified and disgruntled element that has no justification to castigate the Governor. We all know him as someone that enjoys making money from embarking on cheap publicity stunts statement that incites the public in a bid to create chaos and anarchy. Ndi-Anambra be aware! At this point, we call on Ken Emeakayi to bury his face in shame because the issue concerning the handover notes that he hinged his Governor’s resignation call on has been brought to the public domain by the State government and all the information pertaining to the handover notes are within the disposal of Ndi Anambra, therefore it doesn’t warrant his unwarranted call for the Governor’s resignation and as such PDP as an opposition political party should not be too petty to engage in such opinion.

We in the United Anambra Youth Assembly, hereby commend the steadfastness of the Anambra State House of Assembly in the past one year towards discharging their constitutional responsibilities for the interest of the totality of Ndi-Anambra. Thus far, their harmonious relationship has greatly impacted positively towards the implementation of the good policies and programmes of the on-going administration which is a reflection of the wishes of the masses that elected them.

Ndi-Anambra as our State is making head way into full activities of 2016, we urge you to remain calm, keep enjoying the security initiatives of Willie Obiano administration, agricultural programmes, youth empowerment programmes, new face of infrastructural development, good education for our children, quality investment/industrialization of our State through our hardworking Governor Chief Willie Obiano.

We all know that God loves Anambra State by giving us a good Governor who is full of ideas, experiences and initiative at this critical period of economic meltdown of our nation.

Long live Anambra State!
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!
Long live U-AYA.!!!
Hon. Ogo Egolum Comr. Magnus Eziokwu
Vice President, U-AYA Secretary U-AYA
Comr. Tony Nwakeze Comr. Okagbue Dominic N.
Asst. Sec. U-AYA Publicity Secretary, U-AYA
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