Take a Magickal Journey with Me

By Melanie miller
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Take hold of my hand and fly with me, to a never world of fantasy and dreams..

Be with me my love...and smile at me for a while.
Kiss me and see stars before your eyes and you will realize, that I am your one hopes desire.

Only you, can kindle that flame, and as I call out your name, you will feel a passion unknown to many.

So take this magickal journey with me, and be as happy as can be.

We will see worlds no one ever seen before!
What's in store for us, is a place of beauty that is only for our eyes alone.

We will go to the unknown and feel elated.
Put your trust in me and you will see, that I am your dear friend.

We will soar through the blue yonder skies, together..

so don't be afraid, just take my hand and fly with me to a magickal place in another time!