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The heavily framed musician and session , Jaye Aboderin breathed his last on friday December 3 2004.The better havlf of the ravishinly beautiful actress, Stella Damasus last friday slumped and died of heart attack while playing basketball with some of his friends at the Lagon Restaurant,Victoria Island Lagos.

His death has no doubt left a vaccum that will be difficult to fill .The giant sizedman and president of one of the most scintillating performing live bands.Synergy had sure written his name in gold as far as entertaiment is concernedin this part of the world.

The fateful day ,Jaye was said to have played very well in the first round of the game and by the time it was time for the second round, fe was said to be feeling dizzy while his voice began to coarse with fatigue.

suddenly ,Jaye slumped and hit his face hard on the cemented floor losing all his front teeth and sustaining dep injury on his right eye, all they said he could utter out was OOP, and that was all.An ambulance was called but before they could reach the Hospital ,he already gave up the ghost, and left behind, his pretty actress wife Stella and two lovely children, Issabella and Angelica.

He will be burried on Friday the 10th december 2004 at leki Cementry