4 Things Every Nigerian Should Know Before Travelling Abroad

By Jovago Nigeria

In recent times, more Nigerians visit different locations across the world every year on vacation and it’s no wonder. The very idea of a vacation conjures up images of white sand beaches, clear, blue water, and sunny weather. A major advantage of travelling to international destinations or visiting new places is the opportunity to glean something fresh with each occasion.

Whether you are new to the travel or are a tried-and-true traveling professional in Nigeria, there are certain things you need to know to ensure you have the ultimate travel experience wherever you go.

Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal put together this checklist of 4 things every traveller in Nigeria should know to ensure their time on the road is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


Learn the exchange rate for Naira
Although the Naira is the primary currency for trade in Nigeria, it is not a global legal tender in other parts of the world. Every Nigerian traveller should have at least knowledge of what the Naira exchange rate is for the currency used in each location they are visiting. This helps them regulate their budget and maintain a level of check and balances while spending abroad.

Master apps which make travelling easier
This is 2016 and being tech savvy is no longer an embellishment but a vital necessity. There are so many apps available to help you score new locations. From figuring out the direction to your hotel to learning how to connect to free Wifi and discovering native restaurants, these apps are life savers.


Know your passport number by heart
The passport is a vital document and is essential to travellers. Not only is it a mode of identification, it is also a form of authentication. It is important to know your passport number by heart in case you need to fill out a form and do not have your passport handy or worse; it gets missing or stolen.

Learn how to contact the Nigerian Embassy wherever you go

Most Nigerians take this for granted, as they do not know the role of the Nigerian embassy. The few who do are those who have had issues and needed the immunity or coverage of this organisation. When travelling, do not just pick out a destination and go, try to figure out which area the Nigerian embassy is located and if possible, pay a courtesy visit.

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